The Self-Healing Human Body Only Needs A Mechanic When Something Is Broken

Doctors, particularly surgeons, can truly be seen as mechanics when someone has been in an accident of some kind and bones are broken or organs are bleeding, or when someone is having a heart attack. This is also the case when someone is born with a defect and requires plastic surgery to repair a cleft palate or other abnormality.  Other than that, the body is a self-contained, self-healing instrument. Even after surgery, the body heals itself. However, most people regularly turn their bodies over to doctors at the slightest hint of pain, the same way we turn our cars over to a mechanic.

The unfortunate truth is that despite a schedule of regular doctor visits, most people do not heal. In fact, they are scheduled for more visits, given more prescriptions and encouraged to undergo surgeries. And all of these rituals serve to create stress. And, as it turns out, chronic stress is the one condition that the self-healing body will eventually succumb to and seem to lose its healing abilities.


Turn Off The Stress Response Turn On The Relaxation Response

Disease, or better yet, dis-ease is not necessarily an indication that something is broken. It is more likely an indication that something is missing such as a nutrient, or there is too much continued stress on the system, such as the body is being overburdened by incorrect dietary habits, not enough restful sleep, unknown and unsuspected toxic exposures (chemicals and metals in our environment), worry about finances, work or family matters, ad infinitum. If not identified correctly and adjustments made, the dis-ease becomes worse, which can then lead to more severe pain and even greater stress due to fear.


Weak Not Broken

It is a fact that if a doctor treats the symptom without identifying and treating the underlying cause of the disease, the symptom will keep coming back. It might diminish for a little while, but it will return.

Stress can deplete the adrenal glands. It can cause dizziness, heart palpitations, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and chest pains – in fact, almost any symptom or discomfort can be created or worsened by stress. Go to a regular doctor for any of these symptoms and you are more likely to be stepping onto the medical merry-go-round from which there seems to be no escape.


Integrative Physicians Help Patients Get Off The Medical Merry-Go-Round

Go to an Integrative Physician and you are likely to be questioned about every aspect of your diet and lifestyle habits more intensely than you’ve ever been questioned before. You’re likely to spend a great deal of time with the doctor than you are accustomed to spending with your regular doctor or specialist. You are likely to be told that your problem can be solved without going to the pharmacy to fill a prescription or without signing up for a surgical procedure. The truth is, most people are not broken, but merely weakened from the everyday stresses of life.

An Integrative Physician is most interested in helping his or her patients turn off the stress response in the body and turn on the relaxation response. An Integrative Physician is interested in making you feel confident in your own body’s innate and powerful healing abilities. An Integrative Physician will help you get off the medical merry-go-round, which, let me remind you is not very merry at all.

Critics might say that, “Dr. Trowbridge is just another doctor, he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.”  Well, one of my lab directors when I was doing immunology research as a pre-med student at Stanford wrote the very first paper on “psycho-neuro-immunobiology” which started fantastic research into the importance of “mind-body medicine” (a much easier phrase to remember!) In 1984, I wrote an article for the Rotarian magazine, The Best-Stressed Executive, so popular that it was reprinted in 19 languages for members of Rotary International around the world.  Remember: when I say something, it’s real, it’s true, it’s right. Unlike some others featured in the media today, I’ve never retracted one word of what I have written over a 50-year career.


Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret…

I promise, this is not going to lead into the lyrics to the Beatles song. No, nothing of the sort. It’s going to lead to a different song and a secret about the state of the modern medical profession. Let me start by establishing that in a culture where retail customers are always considered to be “right” and are given the respect and acknowledgement of being listened to, this concept is completely foreign in the medical field. Patients are not considered to know anything about their own bodies.

Listening to patients is not something that most of today’s medical professionals are trained or encouraged to do. If a patient’s symptoms do not align with textbook cases, many doctors are at a loss. But, they will put their patients through numerous expensive tests and if the tests come back with even the hint of something they learned could be the beginning of some condition, they usually recommend surgery or write a prescription to “treat” that “unknown” condition. This often leads to something else going wrong or what was wrong in the first place getting worse but still not being diagnosed.


Okay, That’s Out Of The Way

I love to listen to my patients. Even though they are not medically trained, they know their own bodies. They know how to describe how something feels. And I’ve learned through decades of practice that listening is the first and most important skill a doctor needs to cultivate. It is only through my willingness to listen that I have such a great success rate in helping my patients feel better. I’m going to let a few speak for themselves.


Prospective Patients Can Learn By Listening To My Patients

  • Dr. T is brilliant, and he listens. That’s why he is able to diagnose his patients so accurately when other doctors fail. I was so sick I couldn’t work. I went to 17 doctors over the course of 20 years. They all treated my symptoms but not the cause. Then I found Dr. T and he listened, searched and treated the cause of my illnesses. He tailored my program so I wouldn’t become discouraged and working together, I got well. Over the past 26 years, I’ve been treated for deep blood fungus, which was attacking my immune system, heavy poisoning which was draining my energy, aches and pains from car accidents and arthritis and now as I get older Dr. T keeps my hormones in balance…Callie


  • Dr. John Parks Trowbridge is, without a doubt, the finest of doctors. His impressive education, depth of experience, and ability to listen make him a brilliant diagnostician. Suzy


  • All of the other doctors that I had seen over the past 30 years didn’t know where to begin and came up with nothing. And these doctors were “specialists” trained in conventional, alternative/integrative, and naturopathic medicine. After just one office visit, I received more from Dr. Trowbridge than I did from all the other doctors combined. Karyn


If You’ve Been Sick So Long That You’re Sick And Tired Of It

Give my office a call. I’ll listen to you. I’ll work diligently to find the root of your problem and together we will work toward getting you feeling better. It may not be a quick fix, and it won’t be the result of a surgery or a pill. But most often it will work, and you will feel better. And I hope you won’t keep that a secret!



Your Body Could Be Hosting A Yeast Feast

You’ve been experiencing chronic pains, fatigue, sleeplessness, depression. Yet your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you. So you live with the pain and the thought that you must be crazy. When the pain intensifies you make an appointment with another specialist, as you keep looking for answers. You undergo expensive tests and treatments. You’ll do anything that promises to relieve the pain you live with. Years have gone by and you have nothing to show for your efforts except a depleted bank account.


The Suffering Is Real Though The Source Is Invisible 

I’m here to tell you that your suffering is real. You are not crazy. Yeast goes undetected because it’s invisible. Chances are you are hosting a Candida yeast feast inside your body. Yeast literally thrives and multiplies undetected when growing in the gut. As a result they can overgrow. Unfortunately, many of the most commonly consumed foods and medications help the yeasts thrive. Antibiotics, birth control pills, sugar, unhealthy diet, cortisone, stressful lifestyle and more contribute to the continuous growth of yeast in the human body.


Signs You May Be Hosting A Yeast Feast

Some of the more obvious Yeast Syndrome problems people show up with in my office include symptoms in the mouth such as thrush, periodontal disease, sinusitis and chronic nasal allergies. Also heartburn, acid reflux and chronic cough are symptoms of yeast. Excess gas, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, anal itch and ulcerative colitis are results of yeast having a feast in the body. Some of the signs are also visible on the skin in the form of athlete’s food, dandruff, eyelid infections, vulvovaginitis and jock itch.

As you can see, the symptoms are many and these are just the most obvious ones. Left undiagnosed and untreated the long-term effects of yeast can result in more deep-seated and dangerous inner infections.


Non-Sexy Treatments To Put An End To The Yeast Feast

Being a host to yeast-related illnesses is so common. In fact millions of people worldwide are experiencing symptoms and they will undergo surgeries and treatments for unrelated illnesses. In fact, many people will likely die as a result of their longstanding illnesses caused by yeast. I pray this doesn’t happen to you or to someone you love. There are treatments that specifically cause the yeast to die off and when they do, you feel more alive than ever.

One of the most effective ways of treating yeast is through diet and the use of nutritional supplements, to repair and support the body systems, and anti-yeast drugs. Not very sexy when you consider how most medical professionals want to prescribe wildly expensive drugs and surgery. The human body, however, is a self-healing system. When given the correct foods and medications, it is pretty amazing how quickly the body starts to heal itself.

If you have been looking for a diagnosis for the pain and suffering you endure and have not yet found a solution, call our office today and schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms and ask our receptionist to send you informative materials. 1-800-FIX-PAIN. We would love to help you put an end to the yeast feast and get you back into the fullest possible enjoyment of life.



Chelation Kickstarts Your Body’s Natural Healing Processes

I’ve been blessed to watch thousands of patients show such dramatic improvements that have saved limbs from amputation, reduced insulin dosages, improved physical performances and helped achieve greater mental clarity while improving chronic depression. All of these health improvements and more were achieved not with drugs or surgeries, but with chelation therapy.
And importantly, chelation treatments are also known to reduce heart attacks, particularly in diabetes patients.

What exactly does chelation therapy do, you ask? Chelation treatments remove toxic metals that have built up in the body such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium, through the use of a variety of personalized FDA-approved medications. Toxic metal build-up is directly related to inflammation and degenerative diseases, early aging, disability and death. All of us humans living in the modern world are subjected to toxic metals in the air we breathe and the food we eat.

You may wonder why none of the doctors you’ve been seeing for years have mentioned chelation therapy. There’s a simple answer: It’s because you will feel better and will not have to keep returning for a new prescription for the latest drug, nor will you be a candidate for yet another surgery.

Not all, but many of my patients come to me as sort of a ‘last resort’ effort. Once here, they often express how much they wish they had come to me first instead of last. They would have had many more years of vibrant life instead of years spent in numerous doctor’s offices. The body’s healing powers are amazing once the toxic metals are out of the way. Are you ready to find out? Call our office today to schedule a consultation.


Sure, we know the drill – someone comes up with a new X-60 or PowerWhammO and TV commercials make it look like the cat’s meow.

BUT REALLY – we’ve got a new one that’s FUN and HEALING! We call it … MAGNETIC MASSAGE. You could, if you want, call it “PEMF” (pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy …..) but who can remember that?

Instead, just know that our NASA-engineer-designed device sends a lightning-fast zing of electricity through a rubber-insulated coil, creating a healing magnetic field. YOU have a “body part” in the coil – shoulder, low back, knee, even sinuses – and the magnetic field pulses painlessly through your tissues. This transfer of energy is unbelievably revitalizing to your body, aiding in healing and restoring more natural function, comfort and cellular energy – all painlessly.

In fact, “pain-less” is the key word, since Dr. Oz – yes, the TV guru-doc – calls PEMF the most recent advance in pain management medicine … that so few doctors know about!

So – step right up for PAIN RELIEF – this Magnetic Massage is another program that assists our other approaches (especially RT, Reconstructive Therapy) for joint pain and muscle pain relief. (And … would you believe? … in selected patients, all we’ve needed to do is Magnetic Massage, no injections!)

Wanna know more? Check out for astounding details. We’ve finished our training, our staff is very excited. Our special thanks to the half-dozen patients we invited to come share the afternoon with us as our “guinea-pigs” for sampling the range of applications of this amazing unit.

Wanna try it … FREE? Between now and the end of August – but don’t wait! – we’ll be happy to have you come by for a 10-12 minute session (yep, that’s all it takes for an area) … on us! (Mention at that time that you saw this offer in our LifeForce enewsletter and we’ll give you a certificate for a second free session of the Magnetic Massage, a $45 value.)

Remember our office hours: Mondays 8:30 to 3 – Tuesdays through Thursdays 8:30 to 5:30 … remember also that Magnetic Massage LOOKS like MAGIC … but it’s just one more tool in our toolbox to help you get out of your pain and on with your life!

Introduce your family and friends to  … because if they don’t KNOW

that they DO HAVE health CHOICES now, then they DON’T have any! (many of our CDs and DVDs and brochures are on the website) And just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN and ask for details on our several books and brochures, and free copies of our dozens of DVDs and CDs!


Remember that June was the celebration month for turning the tide in World War II, where June 6,  1944 marked D-Day, establishing our beach-head on Europe and leading to the the fall of Nazi Germany.

Many brave solders, sailors, and airmen gave their all, many more returned with the scars of war.

We have tens of thousands of wounded vets, from half a dozen wars since then … Our Wounded Warrior Promotion for June donated a total of $1900 to the Wounded War Project, helping American vets to recover and restore their lives.

Two of our patients, an ex-Navy couple, contributed to my education by sharing a phenomenal little book that explains “post-traumatic stress syndrome” in a nutshell … and gives practical ways to help those suffering:

The Combat Trauma Healing Manual “offering Christ-centered Solutions,” is available from and other fine booksellers. If anyone in YOUR family is suffering from stress – even if NOT from the battlefield! – gift them with a copy of this fine book.