Most of us are far too trusting of our doctors …?

So many Americans become so trusting of their doctors that they’ll tolerate NOT being “fixed” for months, and even years on end. Do you believe you’ve been correctly diagnosed or treated? Have your prescription medications got you worried with a fistful of side effects?… “Including depression, and sometimes, death.”

Most patients who come to me have seen a dozen or more specialists. The patient then tells me how great those doctors have been. But I have to stop and think… If these doctors are so great, why are they seeing me for the same exact problem?

You’re not supposed to keep needing your doctors. You go to a doctor to “get out of your pain and on with your life,” right? That’s our slogan! It has been for many years now.

So ….. sadly MOST of our LifeForce readers have not read The Yeast Syndrome book – my Bantam Books wildly successful bestseller from 1986. Its message is still valid today: your illnesses, all or at least some of them, might be due to unsuspected, undiagnosed, untreated infections with yeast. Simply yeast ….. or maybe complicated by other parasites as well.

So here’s a great idea for the upcoming holidays. Actually, why wait? Order copies of The Yeast Syndrome book for you, your family, your close friends – or maybe a church member who stays sick despite his or her best efforts. I’m serious – we TREAT MOST ILLNESSES, often because yeast is part or all of the cause. READ THE BOOK!

Order the paperback or kindle copies here … The Yeast Syndrome

The Yeast Syndrome: How to Help Your Doctor Identify & Treat the Real Cause of Your Yeast-Related Illness

by John P. Trowbridge by Bantam

Mass Market Paperback ~ Release Date: 1986-10-01

List Price: $7.99

Our Price: $4.31

Dr. T has just returned from Dallas where he filmed a number of TV show segments with his long-time friend and mentor, Doug Kaufmann – they’ve exchanged ideas for years, and both of them are “hot on the trail” of yeast as a major cause of human illness. We’ll alert you when Dr. T’s segments will be showing in January/February ….. til then, you can get a head start by watching Doug and his guests on “KNOW THE CAUSE,” the most viewable TV health talk show in America. To find your local TV or cable/satellite access, check here:  KNOW THE CAUSE TV SHOWshutterstock_199563458

Chelation is STILL working THIS week as well, for many cardiovascular (heart, brain, blood vessel) diseases, autoimmune disorders, and other troubling degenerative diseases. In case you didn’t “follow up”
last week but want to read the latest positive national research study, check this out:   To read the NIH press coverage: CLICK HERE!

To read what Dr. T has to say about chelation: DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN

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As a 34 year pioneer in integrative/longevity/alternative medicine, Dr. T has achieved the enviable position of being recognized as leader in designing innovative treatments to solve disease problems that have frustrated patients (and their physicians) for dozens of years.

Our sadness is when we see people who have spent a fortune hoping during the months or years they’ve invested with less-experienced physicians … and then they finally find us, exhausted and frustrated and losing hope. We don’t “fix” everyone – just enough to be reassuring to many folks who come in. Your family and friends deserve the chance to find out for themselves … PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL NEWSLETTER TO THEM! Is it time for them to get out of their pain and get on with their LIFE? Let THEM decide … with the facts!

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Invite your friends to call for any of our several books or 50 hours of DVDs and CDs that entertain as well as inform, on topics they need to know about. Rheumatoid arthritis? We have that. Hormone Replacement Therapy? Got that. Sleep apnea/snoring? Yep. Heart disease? Of course. Thyroid and fatigue? Sure. The list goes on and on and on. Ask your other doctors for their CDs and DVDs and books, so you can compare their ideas to ours. Give us a call:


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What We Do WORKS!

Texas FUN Fact to Share: Which Founding Father of Texas was arrested and sent to a Mexico City prison? Stephen Austin. He was released to return to Texas on Christmas Day.

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM, has spent 34 years learning and teaching integrative medicine techniques around the country and around the world. Recognized in over 5 dozen volumes of Who’s Who for his innovative treatment programs, he is best known for his Bantam Books’ best-seller, The Yeast Syndrome. Dr. T gets involved: he has served as chairman of the board, president, or director of several major professional associations over the years. His “specialist status” is clearly acknowledged in Chelation Therapy (heart and circulation problems, toxic metal exposures) and Reconstructive Therapy (neck-back-joint arthritis/sports injuries). At Life Celebrating Health in Humble, Dr. Trowbridge offers advanced treatments for most medical and nutritional problems. (Yes, he has a master’s degree in nutrition – everything he does is serious science.) Are you ready to get out of your pain and on with your life?

National Institutes of Health Announce Chelation Treatments Reduce Heart Attacks, Especially in Diabetics

After several long years of treating patients who had already had heart attacks and then seeing whether they suffered another attack (or even death), the nation’s leading research institution has announced that ….. CHELATION WORKS!    (Did you get our tweets, literally minutes after the press release was available?)    Well, it works “sort of.” The $35 million study was conducted over the past 7 years and results will still be forthcoming for another 3 or 4 years. All they did was give to qualifying patients 40 iv treatments and vitamins … and then watched and waited. Some patients got “the real deal” (chelation medication) while others got the “placebo” (vitamins) – no one knew who got what.

The NIH researchers just reported – at the American Heart Association meeting – that there were slightly fewer heart attacks (and deaths) and slightly fewer bypass operations and stents in the treated group. If this were a NEW drug, they would have reported on its stunning potential to reduce heart attacks. That’s because it’s easy to “lie” with how you interpret statistics.

But since the very beginning, I’ve said that the final report would be something like: “Review of the clinical experience suggests that chelation treatments might provide a small but encouraging benefit to a select group of patients.

Further studies will be needed to determine whether this effect is real and also worthwhile.”

And that, my friends, is pretty much exactly what the report concluded! (How did I know? Could 29+ years of debating with “regular docs” have given me the idea that they really don’t want to acknowledge any improvements with chelation?) Diabetics got the best results.

Chelation Therapy

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.28.17 AMFor those of you who don’t know, I’ve taught chelation extensively since 1984. I’ve written several books, articles, CDs, and DVDs (even an audiobook) on chelation – all available from our office, just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN. I’ve lectured on chelation in Taiwan and Brazil. I’ve served for years on the board of our specialty organization – the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology – where I was certified as one of the first specialists in 1985.

Most importantly, I’ve been blessed to watch thousands of patients show dramatic improvements with their chelation treatment programs – saving limbs from amputation, reducing insulin dosages, improving physical performance, even helping mental clarity and depression. Have we been reducing heart attacks and strokes along with amputations? The list goes on and on.

What was WRONG with the NIH study, that they didn’t see such dramatic results? Sadly, they offered only 40 treatments and NO “monthly boosters.” Their “multi-vitamin” dosages were smaller than ours. We focus on adjusting treatments to remove toxic metals (by using a variety of personalized FDA-approved medications), because our experience and studies show that these heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and so on) are directly related to inflammation and degenerative diseases, early aging, disability and death. And, of course, our iv treatment solution (which is customized for each patient) and nutritional support programs (also customized) are much more complex than the basic ones used in the study. (I do have a Master’s degree in nutrition as well as my M.D. degree and training.) The list is longer – but also boring.

The take-home message: we do chelation very, very well – just come by anytime to talk with our patients and learn first-hand of their stunning successes. (Or are you going to be one of the many who waits til some calamity occurs … and then jump on the “medical merry-go-round”? Which choice does your family deserve?)

Did I mention that I’m a confirmed “chelation junkie,” having had 424 treatments over the past almost-30 years? And that my father – now 95, still living alone and driving – has had well over 500 treatments … and that when he was 89, he survived a major operation taking 10+ hours and 36 units of blood, with his kidneys and heart performing fine. His heart shows massive amounts of “blockage” disease (smoking, alcohol, high altitude flying, Air Force career stresses) … and good collateral (on-the-side-channels) circulation. We believe in what we offer here ….. come talk with our staff, since they’ve been with us for many, many years!

To read the NIH press coverage: CLICK HERE!

To read what Dr. T has to say about chelation: DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to ask for us to send you a free copy of his published article from The Townsend Letter, to ask for a free copy of 4 books on a data-CD (read in your computer) , to ask for a free copy of our “Heart and Arteries” brochure.


Is YOUR glass half full?

Consider the FACTS!

We hear all sorts of conflicting “stories” during this political season … like, for instance, have the Democrats raided from Medicare some $716 billion dollars … or not? The FACTS should be clear from events that can be documented – so why all the stories and claims that “the other guys” are lying?

Well, the fact is that the glass is half full – they DID raid Medicare – or half empty – they DID raid Medicare. Or not. So which is it?

It all depends.

Depends on what?

On your viewpoint, looking at the same glass as someone who claims just the opposite … looking at the very same glass!

The very same is true regarding “integrative medical treatments” – some say they work, some say they don’t … looking at the very same improvements in so many patients.

So here’s your choice – feel better or … keep taking the drugs and having the surgery and complaining of feeling sick and tired. It all depends on your point of view!

Each One … Reach One

Special Savings for You are around the corner!

This election on November 6th is important for the health of our country and for the health of health care for your future. So each and every vote counts! Our job is to get out the vote, for Each One to Reach One MORE!

So here’s your opportunity to save big bucks during the month of November:

During the months of September and October, for each office visit (including Reconstructive Therapy injections), for each chelation IV treatment, and for each supplement purchase of $300 or more, we’ll give you a


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And how about looking out for the future health of your family and friends at the same time? There’s another way for Each One to Reach One – our programs are totally unique: The Yeast Syndrome, chelation for chronic degenerative diseases, Reconstructive Therapy for sports injuries and arthritis, sleep apnea and snoring, NP injections for pains. How about it? Each One … Reach One – this month!

How best to “reach” your family and friends?

Remember that we have over 50 free DVDs and CDs that explain many of our integrative medical treatments … as well as books and brochures in plain English not doctor-talk.


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Sure, we know the drill – someone comes up with a new X-60 or PowerWhammO and TV commercials make it look like the cat’s meow.

BUT REALLY – we’ve got a new one that’s FUN and HEALING! We call it … MAGNETIC MASSAGE. You could, if you want, call it “PEMF” (pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy …..) but who can remember that?

Instead, just know that our NASA-engineer-designed device sends a lightning-fast zing of electricity through a rubber-insulated coil, creating a healing magnetic field. YOU have a “body part” in the coil – shoulder, low back, knee, even sinuses – and the magnetic field pulses painlessly through your tissues. This transfer of energy is unbelievably revitalizing to your body, aiding in healing and restoring more natural function, comfort and cellular energy – all painlessly.

In fact, “pain-less” is the key word, since Dr. Oz – yes, the TV guru-doc – calls PEMF the most recent advance in pain management medicine … that so few doctors know about!

So – step right up for PAIN RELIEF – this Magnetic Massage is another program that assists our other approaches (especially RT, Reconstructive Therapy) for joint pain and muscle pain relief. (And … would you believe? … in selected patients, all we’ve needed to do is Magnetic Massage, no injections!)

Wanna know more? Check out for astounding details. We’ve finished our training, our staff is very excited. Our special thanks to the half-dozen patients we invited to come share the afternoon with us as our “guinea-pigs” for sampling the range of applications of this amazing unit.

Wanna try it … FREE? Between now and the end of August – but don’t wait! – we’ll be happy to have you come by for a 10-12 minute session (yep, that’s all it takes for an area) … on us! (Mention at that time that you saw this offer in our LifeForce enewsletter and we’ll give you a certificate for a second free session of the Magnetic Massage, a $45 value.)

Remember our office hours: Mondays 8:30 to 3 – Tuesdays through Thursdays 8:30 to 5:30 … remember also that Magnetic Massage LOOKS like MAGIC … but it’s just one more tool in our toolbox to help you get out of your pain and on with your life!

Introduce your family and friends to  … because if they don’t KNOW

that they DO HAVE health CHOICES now, then they DON’T have any! (many of our CDs and DVDs and brochures are on the website) And just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN and ask for details on our several books and brochures, and free copies of our dozens of DVDs and CDs!


Remember that June was the celebration month for turning the tide in World War II, where June 6,  1944 marked D-Day, establishing our beach-head on Europe and leading to the the fall of Nazi Germany.

Many brave solders, sailors, and airmen gave their all, many more returned with the scars of war.

We have tens of thousands of wounded vets, from half a dozen wars since then … Our Wounded Warrior Promotion for June donated a total of $1900 to the Wounded War Project, helping American vets to recover and restore their lives.

Two of our patients, an ex-Navy couple, contributed to my education by sharing a phenomenal little book that explains “post-traumatic stress syndrome” in a nutshell … and gives practical ways to help those suffering:

The Combat Trauma Healing Manual “offering Christ-centered Solutions,” is available from and other fine booksellers. If anyone in YOUR family is suffering from stress – even if NOT from the battlefield! – gift them with a copy of this fine book.


How About a Big Dose of Fluoride with Your Veggies?

We’re all familiar with the idea that the greatest source of fluoride today is probably toothpaste and treated drinking water, but did you realize that fluoride is also present in the food supply?  Produce – both organic and non-organically grown — that is sprayed with pesticides — contains what many of us would consider alarmingly high levels fluoride

In fact, studies reveal that the typical North American diet accounts for about 1.8 milligrams of fluoride daily — almost twice the amount of fluoride delivered from drinking one liter of fluoridated water. The consumption of non-organic foods (and some organic produce as well) is now thought to account for as much as one-third of the average person’s fluoride exposure.

The fluoride-based pesticide called cryolite is essentially sodium aluminum fluoride, which is favored by growers for its high level of effectiveness at killing produce loving insects. Cryolite (a white or colorless mineral made up of fluoride, sodium and aluminum in crystal form) is also well known for its ability to adhere to produce in a thick layer of ‘protection’ – a layer that is extremely difficult – if not impossible – to remove before consumption.

Produce temporarily stored in warehouses is also treated with a gas fumigant, used to kill insects and rodents – and it penetrates produce completely, making it impossible to wash off later. This fumigant leaves extremely high levels of fluoride residue in and on stored foods.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently allows up to 7 parts per million of fluoride on more than 30 fruits and vegetables that are treated with cryolite. It is applied as dusts, granulars or powders and is applied by ground or aerial spray.

They are:

  • apricots
  • beets
  • blackberries
  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • cabbage, cauliflower
  • citrus fruits
  • collards
  • cranberries
  • cucumbers
  • eggplants
  • grapes
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • melons
  • nectarines
  • peaches
  • peppers
  • plums
  • pumpkins
  • radishes
  • raspberries
  • squash
  • strawberries
  • tomatoes
  • turnip

Due to the fact that cryolite is easily absorbed by crops, people who then consume treated produce are ingesting an unknown amount of fluoride. According to, “Cryolite contains aluminofluoride ions that shed fluoride ions, which then pass through the blood-brain barrier and contaminate brain tissue.”

It’s Everywhere!

Long thought to be a harmless additive for human consumption, fluoride based pesticides have increased in strength over the years to the point where iceberg lettuce can now contain a massive 180 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride, an amount this is fully 180 times higher than what is found in fluoridated drinking water. As with iceberg lettuce, grapes have also been grown for years using cryolite under the trade name Kryocide, which is used to deter leaf-eating pests.  Considering that wine is made from grapes, it is another mass consumed source of fluoride exposure. Kryocide use is found primarily on California grapes but it is also present in potatoes and citrus. Surprisingly, despite cryolites’ liberal use during the past 50 years, insects have not built up a resistance to it, making it a fundamental pesticide for many growers.

Meats and Teas – also unwanted sources of fluoride

Cereals, mechanically deboned meats, and black or green tea are other sources to watch out for. Mechanically deboned meats derive fluoride content from the animal itself, which is exposed through cryolite treated feed and water—which is absorbed by the animal and remains present in meat products all the way to the consumer’s dinner table.

Black and green teas are naturally high in fluoride regardless of whether they are grown organically without pesticides due to how the plant readily absorbs fluoride thorough its root system. According to some sources, there are reports of people who have developed crippling skeletal fluorosis – a bone disease caused by excessive consumption of fluoride — from drinking high amounts of iced tea alone.

One research study reports that practically all food contains some amount of fluoride since “plants take it up from the soil and from the air. From the soil, fluoride is transmitted through fine hair rootlets into the stems, and some reaches the leaves.” Therefore, buying only organic produce will not automatically eliminate one’s exposure to food-based fluoride.

The National Organic Standards (NOS) allows for the use of sodium fluoride in organic agriculture – regardless of their mandate to prohibit “natural poisons such as arsenic or lead salts that have long-term effects and persist in the environment” it does not regulate the use of fluoride.

What’s the concern?

Two Russian studies, (1969 and 1977) demonstrated that workers exposed to fluoride-contaminated compounds experienced dramatic declines in reproductive function. Men working in the cryolite industry for one to two decades on average, who were also diagnosed with skeletal fluorosis, demonstrated a decrease in testosterone levels.  Women, whose job exposure brought them into contact with superphosphate fertilizer, experienced an increase in menstrual irregularities and related issues, as compared to women who had no contact with the substance.

Fluoride has the ability to stimulate the harmful effects of other chemicals and heavy metals in the environment, potentially making them even more harmful than they would be otherwise.

For example, when you combine chloramines with the hydrofluorosilicic acid, the combination becomes very effective at extracting lead from old plumbing systems, promoting the accumulation of lead in the water supply – water which is then consumed by animals and humans alike. Studies have shown that hydrofluorosilicic acid also increases lead accumulation in bone, teeth, and other calcium-rich tissues. This happens when the free fluoride ion acts as a transport of heavy metals, allowing them to enter into the soft tissues of the body where they normally would not be able to go, including sensitive organs such as the brain.


This Food Blasts Your Body with Up to 180 Times the Fluoride in Drinking Water —

Harmful Effects of Fluoride – Fluoride Action Network:

Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride

How Many of Your Friends Are Suffering With Diseases Caused or Worsened By The Yeast Syndrome?

Many of our patients – especially those for Chelation Therapy for heart and blood vessel diseases and a variety of other distressing diseases and those for Reconstructive Therapy for neck/back and sports/joint injuries or arthritis – don’t have any idea that we
dramatically help with a wide range of other problems.

We mean LOTS of medical problems for which people hop onto (and never get off) the “medical merry-go-round.

Here’s a quick review of treatment for The Yeast Syndrome, popularized by our best-selling Bantam Book … from 1986! How many of your family and friends have suffered needlessly through the past 2-dozen-plus years???

The Yeast Syndrome: Chronic Degenerative Diseases

Three kingdoms: PLANTS convert sunlight to energy, ANIMALS eat plants or other animals who’ve eaten plants to get their energy,  FUNGI (YEASTS) eat both plants and animals (yes, US!), to extract their energy.

The Yeast Syndrome = infected by yeast that is busy putting out poison to recycle YOU!

Most commonly Candida albicans but other varieties as well.

WEEDS in your lawn – a few here and there, no big deal when they “overgrow” and begin to take over, BIG deal = The Yeast Syndrome!

Humans “tolerate” yeasts as “normal growth” on the skin, in the gut (mouth to anus), vagina.

Because yeasts are not “seen” when growing in the gut, they can “overgrow” thanks to antibiotics, birth control pills, cortisone, deplorable diet, stress, lifestyle… Some of the more obvious Yeast Syndrome problems people “show up with” …

MOUTH – tongue = thrush, gums = periodontal bio-film, cheilitis angle-of-mouth infections, recurrent pharyngitis/sinusitis, chronic nasal allergies

ESOPHAGUS = esophagitis, reflux “heartburn,” even chronic cough

STOMACH = epigastritis, pains, reflux (complicates hiatal hernia)

INTESTINE/COLON = belly bloating, “gas,” irritable bowel symptoms, anal itch, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, recurrent/persistent belly pains

SKIN = vulvovaginitis, “jock itch,” “athlete’s foot,” skin-folds inflammation, eczematous dermatitis, dandruff, recurrent skin infections, eyelid infections

BLADDER = recurrent vulvovaginitis, cystitis (even kidney infections), painful intercourse

Yeasts grow silently in the gut, percolating toxins (“Candi-toxins”) designed to interfere with essential metabolic processes – over 60 identified – creating or worsening virtually every acute and chronic disease process, bar none!

Damage to metabolism due to toxins creates failing organ systems, leading to diagnosis of various CHRONIC diseases = “hop onto the medical merry-go-round” – BUT the origin of the problems remains unseen, so treatment is never directed “at the source” of symptoms = unnecessary medications and operations, never really getting the patient “better”- ingested mercury (from fillings or fish) is made more toxic by conversion to organic mercury by gut yeast.

TREATMENT KEYS: Diet (low sugars/starches) – Nutritional Supplements (to repair and support body systems) – Specific Treatments for Patient Discomforts – Drugs to Kill Yeast

ANTI-YEAST DRUGS: Commonly Nystatin for many months and briefly or intermittently Nizoral (ketoconazole)

“DIE-OFF” Reaction: You might feel worse for a few days and then steadily better as yeast in your gut are brought under control

DIETARY Progression: From Phase I (MEVY = Meats/Eggs/Veggies/Yogurt) through Phase II (mostly more veggies, some starches) then Phase III (more starches, some sugars) and finally Phase IV (foods with yeasts, sugars, starches) – it takes time to recover!!!

Choose Wisely!

So, what will you do with this startling new information about our treatments that effectively help with MANY degenerative diseases? Will you watch your family or friends continue to suffer? Here’s your choice – feel better or … keep taking the drugs and having the surgery and complaining of feeling sick and tired. It all depends on your point of view!

DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to ask our receptionists to send you our entertaining and informative materials

Good Fat vs. Bad Fat: What You Need to Know

Unsaturated fats or so-called good fats provide a variety of health benefits, including lowering
LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. They are a great

source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and can help us maintain a healthy weight. The most common unsaturated fats found in our foods are Omega-3s and Omega-6s. These are essential fatty acids, which our bodies cannot make them so we need to ingest them through our diet. Critical to normal growth, they may play an important role in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

Unsaturated fats are of two varieties-polyunsaturated and monounsaturated-and are in shutterstock_377181964products derived from plant sources. Because polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are less stable than saturated fats, they can become rancid quite easily when exposed to heat and light. When this happens, the chemical structure of unsaturated oils looks more like a saturated fat, thus turning a good fat into a bad fat. For this reason, the types of unsaturated oils you use, as well as how you use them can be very important.

The best oils to cook with are virgin coconut oil, olive, peanut, and sesame, as they have the highest percentages of oleic fatty acid. Extra virgin olive oil contains an antioxidant that protects against cancer and heart disease. Coconut oil is particularly beneficial, as it is the least fattening of all the oils and stimulates the metabolism, thus preventing weight gain. Try to avoid polyunsaturated vegetable oils such as safflower, corn, soybean, and canola, as these are more susceptible to developing into trans fatty acids during processing.

Recommended Unsaturated Fat Foods

Polyunsaturated fats found in high concentrations in:

    • Chia seeds
    • Flax seeds
    • Fish oil
    • Borage seed oil

Monounsaturated fats found in:

    • Olives
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Avocados
    • Raw nuts and seeds

Make sure these unsaturated fat foods are organic, and try to eat them raw (uncooked). If you must cook them, cook at low to medium temperatures.

Trans Fats

shutterstock_164975594Trans Fats increase the shelf life of food. Although some trans fatty acids exist in nature in low amounts, such as in cabbage or peas, the real culprits are those produced through a process called hydrogenation. Hydrogenation makes oils more solid, providing longer shelf life in baking products and fry life in cooking oils. Trans fats are, quite literally, silent killers. Unfortunately for us, they are found everywhere in the American diet, from French Fries to margarine to a wide variety of processed foods. They cause a significant lowering of HDL (good cholesterol) and a significant increase in LDL (bad cholesterol). They can lead to major clogging of the arteries, cause immune system depression, diabetes, obesity, sterility, and weakened muscles and bones.

Trans fatty acids are abnormal because they cannot link together, or to other fatty acids in the proper manner, thus weakening the cell wall and destroying normal cellular function. Entire tissues and organs are critically affected and disease results. It is estimated that 30,000 premature coronary deaths a year could be prevented by the replacement of partially hydrogenated fats in the diet with natural non-hydrogenated vegetable oils. Trans fats have been deliberately cultivated in our country; they are pervasive and difficult to avoid. Although recent FDA regulations now require manufacturers to list trans-fat on nutrition facts labels by 2006, Americans must take the matter into their own hands in vigilantly eliminating trans fats from their diets.

Recommended Bad Fat Foods to Avoid

  • Spreads, such as margarine
  • Packaged foods, such as cake mixes
  • Dried or canned soups
  • Fast food, anything that is deep fried, but also be wary of pancakes or grilled sandwiches which are often fried in margarine
  • Frozen foods, such as pot pies, pizzas, and fish sticks
  • Baked goods; trans fats are found in commercially baked goods more than anywhere elseshutterstock_138061871
  • Chips and crackers, because they are often made with shortening to give them a crispy texture
  • Breakfast foods, such as cereals and energy bars
  • Cookies and candy
  • Toppings and dips, everything from nondairy creamers to gravy mixes, salad dressings, and whipped toppings

As with all things in life moderation is the key. So if you indulge in some “bad” fats now and then just remember that it’s your overall diet and health that really matter.

Historical Perspectives on Chelation Therapy

Is your doctor simply “In the dark” that safe and effective treatments for heart disease, strokes, leg circulation changes have been around for over 50 years?

Here’s an enjoyable summary, so that YOU can be informed about “chelation” your “KEY to better health.”

To view the complete slide show CLICK HERE.


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