Improve Overall Health To Contend With COVID19 Long-term

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Credible sources are suggesting that COVID19 may be here to stay. As a recent article at states, “There’s a very real chance the novel coronavirus could become endemic in the human population, much like influenza.” The article also states that, “There’s precedent for a coronavirus becoming endemic in the human population. Actually, there are four of them: 229E, NL63, OC43 and HKU1. All four of these coronaviruses cause symptoms of the common cold, and infections are most often fairly mild.”


Too Early To Tell For Sure

While it is still too early to know for sure if we will be living with this particular virus long-term, there is a strong likelihood of this happening. If not COVID19, it will be something else. So, how do you prepare to combat this or any other illness? The greatest defense against any type of illness that emerges is overall good health.


Pre-existing Health Conditions  More At Risk

As we have seen from the quickly spreading COVID19, those with pre-existing health conditions are most susceptible to becoming gravely ill and there is a greater likelihood of death. One paper, recently published in JAMA Cardiology, suggests that the coronavirus could be particularly deadly for those with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. As we also know, those with diabetes and COPD are also at greater risk of getting the virus as are those who are obese.


Get Healthy Stay Healthy

If you currently have pre-existing health conditions that have not been improved or removed with care from your doctor(s), you are not alone. Our society is more concerned with eliminating symptoms rather than getting to the root cause of disease. As a result, literally millions of people suffer and live lives of quiet and not so quiet desperation.

A foundation of good health is necessary to withstand the onslaught of viruses and bacterial (and parasite) pathogens that our body fights off continuously. The immune system is perfectly designed to ward off invaders that make it into the body. However, if defense system is compromised, which happens as a result of poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, accidents, as well as continued exposure to environmental toxins surrounding every one of us, it has a very difficult time doing its job. Eventually, health begins to diminish and continues to worsen over time.


What To Do

What is happening around the world is that everyone is doing what they can to try to avoid getting COVID19. Almost everyone who gets it makes it through the illness just fine, but sadly thousands do not… just the same way that 20 to 60+ thousand Americans die each year from the “usual” flu. By the time this pandemic becomes more manageable, many thousands around the world will have lost their lives. Aged adults, especially in close quarters like nursing homes, and those with underlying illnesses that require them to reduce their exposure to colds and flu should minimize their contacts that could challenge their wellbeing.

Even though everyone is working madly to come up with a vaccine,(which might not ever produce the protection they promise), the most important thing to do is to improve your health. And if you have been suffering with illnesses or other issues for years, you must do everything in your power to find a doctor who can actually get to the root of your problem. And that will require you to step outside of the box to work with a doctor who is not in the box.

Most doctors practicing mainstream medicine are proponents of surgery and pills to control chronic pain. However, it is becoming “painfully clear” that these methods do not work. If you want a different result than what you’ve been getting you have to do something you haven’t done before. If you are ready to restore your body’s natural healing processes, give my office a call.