Most of us are far too trusting of our doctors …?

So many Americans become so trusting of their doctors that they’ll tolerate NOT being “fixed” for months, and even years on end. Do you believe you’ve been correctly diagnosed or treated? Have your prescription medications got you worried with a fistful of side effects?… “Including depression, and sometimes, death.”

Most patients who come to me have seen a dozen or more specialists. The patient then tells me how great those doctors have been. But I have to stop and think… If these doctors are so great, why are they seeing me for the same exact problem?

You’re not supposed to keep needing your doctors. You go to a doctor to “get out of your pain and on with your life,” right? That’s our slogan! It has been for many years now.

So ….. sadly MOST of our LifeForce readers have not read The Yeast Syndrome book – my Bantam Books wildly successful bestseller from 1986. Its message is still valid today: your illnesses, all or at least some of them, might be due to unsuspected, undiagnosed, untreated infections with yeast. Simply yeast ….. or maybe complicated by other parasites as well.

So here’s a great idea for the upcoming holidays. Actually, why wait? Order copies of The Yeast Syndrome book for you, your family, your close friends – or maybe a church member who stays sick despite his or her best efforts. I’m serious – we TREAT MOST ILLNESSES, often because yeast is part or all of the cause. READ THE BOOK!

Order the paperback or kindle copies here … The Yeast Syndrome

The Yeast Syndrome: How to Help Your Doctor Identify & Treat the Real Cause of Your Yeast-Related Illness

by John P. Trowbridge by Bantam

Mass Market Paperback ~ Release Date: 1986-10-01

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Dr. T has just returned from Dallas where he filmed a number of TV show segments with his long-time friend and mentor, Doug Kaufmann – they’ve exchanged ideas for years, and both of them are “hot on the trail” of yeast as a major cause of human illness. We’ll alert you when Dr. T’s segments will be showing in January/February ….. til then, you can get a head start by watching Doug and his guests on “KNOW THE CAUSE,” the most viewable TV health talk show in America. To find your local TV or cable/satellite access, check here:  KNOW THE CAUSE TV SHOWshutterstock_199563458

Chelation is STILL working THIS week as well, for many cardiovascular (heart, brain, blood vessel) diseases, autoimmune disorders, and other troubling degenerative diseases. In case you didn’t “follow up”
last week but want to read the latest positive national research study, check this out:   To read the NIH press coverage: CLICK HERE!

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As a 34 year pioneer in integrative/longevity/alternative medicine, Dr. T has achieved the enviable position of being recognized as leader in designing innovative treatments to solve disease problems that have frustrated patients (and their physicians) for dozens of years.

Our sadness is when we see people who have spent a fortune hoping during the months or years they’ve invested with less-experienced physicians … and then they finally find us, exhausted and frustrated and losing hope. We don’t “fix” everyone – just enough to be reassuring to many folks who come in. Your family and friends deserve the chance to find out for themselves … PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL NEWSLETTER TO THEM! Is it time for them to get out of their pain and get on with their LIFE? Let THEM decide … with the facts!

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What We Do WORKS!

Texas FUN Fact to Share: Which Founding Father of Texas was arrested and sent to a Mexico City prison? Stephen Austin. He was released to return to Texas on Christmas Day.

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., FACAM, has spent 34 years learning and teaching integrative medicine techniques around the country and around the world. Recognized in over 5 dozen volumes of Who’s Who for his innovative treatment programs, he is best known for his Bantam Books’ best-seller, The Yeast Syndrome. Dr. T gets involved: he has served as chairman of the board, president, or director of several major professional associations over the years. His “specialist status” is clearly acknowledged in Chelation Therapy (heart and circulation problems, toxic metal exposures) and Reconstructive Therapy (neck-back-joint arthritis/sports injuries). At Life Celebrating Health in Humble, Dr. Trowbridge offers advanced treatments for most medical and nutritional problems. (Yes, he has a master’s degree in nutrition – everything he does is serious science.) Are you ready to get out of your pain and on with your life?

National Institutes of Health Announce Chelation Treatments Reduce Heart Attacks, Especially in Diabetics

After several long years of treating patients who had already had heart attacks and then seeing whether they suffered another attack (or even death), the nation’s leading research institution has announced that ….. CHELATION WORKS!    (Did you get our tweets, literally minutes after the press release was available?)    Well, it works “sort of.” The $35 million study was conducted over the past 7 years and results will still be forthcoming for another 3 or 4 years. All they did was give to qualifying patients 40 iv treatments and vitamins … and then watched and waited. Some patients got “the real deal” (chelation medication) while others got the “placebo” (vitamins) – no one knew who got what.

The NIH researchers just reported – at the American Heart Association meeting – that there were slightly fewer heart attacks (and deaths) and slightly fewer bypass operations and stents in the treated group. If this were a NEW drug, they would have reported on its stunning potential to reduce heart attacks. That’s because it’s easy to “lie” with how you interpret statistics.

But since the very beginning, I’ve said that the final report would be something like: “Review of the clinical experience suggests that chelation treatments might provide a small but encouraging benefit to a select group of patients.

Further studies will be needed to determine whether this effect is real and also worthwhile.”

And that, my friends, is pretty much exactly what the report concluded! (How did I know? Could 29+ years of debating with “regular docs” have given me the idea that they really don’t want to acknowledge any improvements with chelation?) Diabetics got the best results.

Chelation Therapy

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.28.17 AMFor those of you who don’t know, I’ve taught chelation extensively since 1984. I’ve written several books, articles, CDs, and DVDs (even an audiobook) on chelation – all available from our office, just DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN. I’ve lectured on chelation in Taiwan and Brazil. I’ve served for years on the board of our specialty organization – the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology – where I was certified as one of the first specialists in 1985.

Most importantly, I’ve been blessed to watch thousands of patients show dramatic improvements with their chelation treatment programs – saving limbs from amputation, reducing insulin dosages, improving physical performance, even helping mental clarity and depression. Have we been reducing heart attacks and strokes along with amputations? The list goes on and on.

What was WRONG with the NIH study, that they didn’t see such dramatic results? Sadly, they offered only 40 treatments and NO “monthly boosters.” Their “multi-vitamin” dosages were smaller than ours. We focus on adjusting treatments to remove toxic metals (by using a variety of personalized FDA-approved medications), because our experience and studies show that these heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and so on) are directly related to inflammation and degenerative diseases, early aging, disability and death. And, of course, our iv treatment solution (which is customized for each patient) and nutritional support programs (also customized) are much more complex than the basic ones used in the study. (I do have a Master’s degree in nutrition as well as my M.D. degree and training.) The list is longer – but also boring.

The take-home message: we do chelation very, very well – just come by anytime to talk with our patients and learn first-hand of their stunning successes. (Or are you going to be one of the many who waits til some calamity occurs … and then jump on the “medical merry-go-round”? Which choice does your family deserve?)

Did I mention that I’m a confirmed “chelation junkie,” having had 424 treatments over the past almost-30 years? And that my father – now 95, still living alone and driving – has had well over 500 treatments … and that when he was 89, he survived a major operation taking 10+ hours and 36 units of blood, with his kidneys and heart performing fine. His heart shows massive amounts of “blockage” disease (smoking, alcohol, high altitude flying, Air Force career stresses) … and good collateral (on-the-side-channels) circulation. We believe in what we offer here ….. come talk with our staff, since they’ve been with us for many, many years!

To read the NIH press coverage: CLICK HERE!

To read what Dr. T has to say about chelation: DIAL 1-800-FIX-PAIN to ask for us to send you a free copy of his published article from The Townsend Letter, to ask for a free copy of 4 books on a data-CD (read in your computer) , to ask for a free copy of our “Heart and Arteries” brochure.


Are Your Health Problems Caused By Your Teeth and Gums?

Systemic illnesses linked to oral disease

A growing body of research reveals that people who suffer from moderate to severe periodontal disease and gingivitis may be unknowingly affecting their overall healthfulness as bacterial poisons known as endotoxins are released into the bloodstream through infected gums.

shutterstock_329196521Evidence suggests that the link between gum infections and cardiovascular disease in particular is quite strong, and even notable physician Dr. Oz has spoken about the wide assortment of health risks associated with untreated gum disease.

“People with gum disease (periodontal disease and gingivitis) may harbor up to 500 species of bacteria and the proximity of that bacteria to the normally sterile bloodstream can be worrisome. Bacteria can enter small blood vessels, travel to other parts of the body, release toxins, and trigger inflammatory chemicals that assault arteries and organs,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Gum disease and tooth loss now is considered a harbinger for coronary artery disease, infective endocarditis, bacterial pneumonia, diabetes, kidney disease, and stroke. Periodontal bacteria also have been detected in the mouths and amniotic fluid of women who have experienced premature labor or miscarriage. This also may contribute to low birth weight.”

How poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease

People with periodontal disease are more likely to suffer strokes and coronary artery disease — both conditions that may be associated with inflammation of the blood vessels. Even in healthy mouths, the groove between the teeth and gum is teeming with bacteria. If teeth and gums are not cared for properly, harmful colonies of bacteria will increase in mass and thickness until they form the sticky film known as plaque.

In a healthy mouth shutterstock_208219309plaque actually provides some barrier against outside bacterial invasion, but when it accumulates to extreme levels, it adheres to the surfaces of the teeth and adjacent gums and causes infection which, if left untreated, turns into periodontal disease.

As periodontal disease progresses toxic oral bacteria travel into the gums, where it then multiplies and produces toxins. This action can create a chronic inflammatory response in the mouth, triggering a breakdown of tissues and bone that surround the teeth, opening up pockets of space that can then become infected – or infested with toxic bacteria.

A system-wide invasion

Over time, as periodontal disease affects both the bone and tissue where they form a connection, inflammatory compounds begin to seep into the bloodstream. As these toxic compounds circulate throughout the body they can harm the lining of blood vessels – a process which is known to lead to strokes shutterstock_130094222and heart attacks. A routine of good oral hygiene is one of the ways to ensure that the body is not susceptible to chronic inflammation and other associated health issues including:

  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • diabetes
  • low preterm birth weight
  • respiratory disease
  • osteoporosis
  • digestive disorders

Since the bacteria stemming from gum disease may spread throughout the body causing harm to more than just the teeth and gums we recommend that patients have their teeth checked and cleaned at least twice a year. Treatment of oral bacteria with proper oral care, mouth rinses and a good routine at home can reduce the complication of chronic disorders. Contact our office to learn more about how to keep your gums healthy.

For more information:

Spreading the Word on Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Dr. John Trowbridge opens up IABDM’s 25th Anniversary meeting in Carmel 2011

The IABDM has long been spreading the word on the value and importance of biological dentistry and medicine. In a world where dentistry has barely progressed from 18th Century ideas and techniques, the biological dentists of the world have been making strides to change the fundamental way we think about dentistry and the way we help and treat patients.

Please enjoy this video about the IABDM and Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

In a time of Mercury Exposure, Healthy Detoxification is Key

How Do You Detox from Heavy Metals?

Recent recommendations by the FDA aimed at reducing the public’s exposure to mercury were primarily focused on fish consumption and beauty products manufactured outside of the US. While the holistic dental community continues to ponder why the FDA can’t get their act together and issue similar warnings pertaining to the use of mercury in dental amalgams — we would like to give some options for how to deal with heavy metal toxicity – not the least of which is caused by the continued use of mercury in dental amalgams.

How It Works

shutterstock_70646686Our bodies are absorbing heavy metals constantly from the air we breathe, the water we are expose to, the products we use, the food we eat and of course, through silver amalgam dental fillings. Compounding the exposure to amalgam fillings is the fact that over 6,000 tons of mercury enters the environment each year via industrial emissions such as coal plants.

We are doubly exposed to it through immunizations, cooked and canned fish and many other sources. The amount of mercury currently used in dentistry for fillings is today equal to the total volume of mercury being dumped into the environment by coal plants. As a result anyone who now has even a single silver filling as well as anyone undergoing removal of dental amalgams is well advised to consider taking up a detoxification routine.

“Detoxification and internal cleanses are ancient practices that have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. The gentle removal of harmful toxins and heavy metals from your body has many benefits, regardless of your age or health status. Increased energy, vitality and mental clarity are the most noticeable results, often apparent within the first few days of cleansing .

Gentle detoxification can also help reduce numerous disease risks, while providing a foundation to renew and invigorate your daily health routine. Who wouldn’t relish having more shutterstock_372396649energy for activities with the grandkids,” says Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a renowned integrative medical doctor, licensed acupuncturist and researcher.

Heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and uranium are among the most serious environmental poisons we are exposed on a daily basis. Other heavy metals include lead, which is found in old paint, dust residues, lipstick and toys and now beauty products from China. Tests now confirm that our bones have 1,000 times more lead than our ancestors of 500 years ago. In instances where both mercury and lead are present, the level of toxicity is magnified 100 times. In the face of this onslaught, and to maintain optimum health, it is imperative to detoxify these heavy metals from the body.

An Introduction to Detoxification

Detoxification is one of the more widely used treatments and concepts in alternative medicine, and it is a process many natural dentists recommend for removing heavy metals from the body following the removal of amalgam fillings. The science of detoxification is based on the principle that illnesses can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body and from the holistic dentist’s perspective eliminating exposure by removing metal fillings and then avoiding new toxins is an essential part of the healing process.

shutterstock_357147542According to Dr. Eliaz, detoxification and internal cleanses are ancient practices that have become increasingly popular if not necessary in t
oday’s polluted world. Dr. Eliaz says that the gentle removal of harmful toxins and heavy metals from your body has many benefits, regardless of age or health condition. Increased energy, vitality and mental clarity are the most noticeable results, often apparent within the first few days of cleansing. Gentle detoxification can also help reduce numerous disease risks, while providing a foundation to renew and invigorate your daily health routine.

A typical detox process can last anywhere from three days to three months, with the average maintained at 10-14 days to complete a cleanse routine. To give you some idea of how to go about a detoxification process Dr. Eliaz put together the following recommendations in a recent article titled ‘Healthy Detoxification – Tips for greater vitality and wellness’.

(NOTE: If you have signs of heavy metal toxicity, please call our office, as many cases are best left to professionals in order to monitor your process and ensure a SAFE, healthy detoxification. However, the following can be very helpful for people who just want to give their body a boost in removing some of those atmospheric toxins that we face every day).

Gradual Beginnings: Alkalize Your Diet

shutterstock_256039183A healthy detoxification program should always begin gradually. The best way to do this is by shifting to a more alkaline diet.

This type of diet
emphasizes greens and other nutrient rich vegetables that help to balance pH in the body, reduce inflammation and promote internal cleansing. Slowly increase your intake of foods such as dark greens and cruciferous, sulfur-rich vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, kale and others). Vegetables that are high in alkalizing minerals — such as potassium, magnesium and/or calcium — include red potatoes, avocado and Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sea vegetables, collards, chard and other greens.

An alkalizing mineral broth can be easily made by combining potatoes, celery, parsley, green beans, zucchini, beet tops, kale, onions and seaweed in a full pot of water; simmering for an hour or two; and pouring off the liquid for use. As you increase your intake of cleansing, alkaline foods, slowly reduce or eliminate acidic foods which increase toxicity. Processed or refined foods and those with artificial additives are especially hard on your body and can significantly reduce health over time.

shutterstock_76156198Pre-Cleanse with Gentle Supplements
Gentle detox supplementation begins with natural ingredients that help clear toxins from the circulation and digestive systems, while providing overall health support. Some patients start with an over-the-counter supplement such as a medicinal 10-mushroom formula, which helps remove toxins while supporting every major body system.

Modified citrus pectin is another supplement that safely
removes heavy metals and environmental toxins, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, and protects against cancer and chronic illness by blocking harmful galectin-3 molecules. Of course, for a personalized system, we are always available to help you create a regimen that is customized to your needs.

Detoxify Organs and Tissues
shutterstock_242954023After gently detoxifying circulation and digestion, you can gradually advance to more thorough detoxification of organs and tissues, wher

toxins are often stored over time. For deeper, in-depth detoxification I recommend a phase-two detox formula incorporating nutrients and herbs such as n-acetyl cysteine, selenium, MSM, alpha-lipoic acid, milk thistle, cilantro, goldenrod, garlic, dandelion leaf and others. This formula helps eliminate deeply stored toxins, without causing uncomfortable side effects. It also boosts vital energy and provides a wide array of antioxidant support, which is critical during any toxin removal program

Dehydration can lead to inflammation and oxidative stress, which increases toxicity in the body. Drink plenty of pure water and herbal tea to help assist the flushing of toxins from your body and keep your natural detox functions running smoothly. Good hydration is essential to overall health.


Simple, moderate exercise on a regular basis keeps the lymphatic system moving, releases stored toxins and boosts immunity as well as mood. Even 15 minutes of walking, especially in a natural setting, can offer powerful benefits for detoxification and overall health.

Cilantro (coriander)

Daily use of some food products, such as cilantro, can do no harm and might contribute to gentle detoxification that would slowly shutterstock_298185740add up over time, but not as a replacement for actual
chelation as approved by the FDA.

Chelation therapy using chemicals like EDTA has long been used to help remove these heavy metals in dentistry, and cilantro may actually provide a natural alternative for people suffering from the ill effects of amalgam dental fillings, and is particularly helpful following the removal of dental amalgams.

Detoxification Makes Sens

If you have obvious signs of heavy metal toxicity, please call our office, as detoxification can be a tricky situation with potential side-effects and is often best left to professionals when
you have obvious symptoms.

If you’re living your daily life and want to help your body detoxify from some of the heavy metals found in our everyday lives, then the above may be a great place for you to start!

shutterstock_206494039Adopting a detoxification routine can be particularly important for those patients suffering from many chronic diseases and conditions, including allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, chronic infections, depression, diabetes, headaches, heart disease, high cholesterol, low blood sugar levels, digestive disorders, mental illness, and obesity. It is helpful for those with conditions that are influenced by environmental factors and for those suffering from allergies or immune system problems that conventional medicine is unable to diagnose or treat, including chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental illness/multiple chemical sensitivity, and fibromyalgia. Detoxification can be used as a beneficial preventative measure and as a tool to increase overall health, vitality, and resistance to disease.


Recipes for using cilantro
Cilantro Pesto Removes Heavy Metals & Health Benefits

Heavy Metals and Environmental Toxins

Detoxification Formulas