When I make presentations to dentists and doctors, I call this trio – infection, inflammation and immunity – the three amigos. I say that because in my experience I have seen that the root of all degenerative diseases is inflammation. Inflammation leads to infection. Infection leads to death. This is why I also make sure my audience is clear that there are only two things that cause death to us humans. One is injury. The other is infections.

So if your doctor looks for inflammation in the body, he or she will discover infection. Then they could look for the root cause of the inflammation and treat it appropriately. This naturally leads to immunity, wellness and wellbeing.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And it really is, however, the medical industry doesn’t look for inflammation. Instead they get all tangled up making things so much more complicated than they really are. Instead of treating the root cause of any particular pain, discomfort or illness patients present them with, the doctors have been trained to treat everything with a pill or an expensive surgical procedure. Unfortunately, that leads to chronic suffering, both physically and psychologically for patients, and of course ultimately that leads to death.

I put misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions that lead to death in the injury category. It simply doesn’t have to be that way.

The gateway to pretty much most infections that occur in the human body is the mouth. Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gingivitis, is inflammation and infection that left untreated can lead to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer and a host of other contemporary diseases. So make sure you see your dentist at least annually to make sure you don’t have periodontal disease or to catch it early if it develops. My advanced integrative medical treatments have been incredibly successful…without surgery! (Incidentally, I was the first physician president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.)

With COVID-19 terrifying everyone, especially those of you who have underlying health conditions, wouldn’t you really love to find a way to relieve your suffering and improve your immunity to anything that you might be exposed to? I’ve been helping patients who were at their wits ends and thought they were going to have to die. Let me help you return your miraculous self-healing body to a state of wellbeing that you’ve not had for way too long. I’ll teach you how to reverse the effects of inflammation and infection and make your immunity strong.


What IF you have an INFECTION that has never been seen or suspected?

Not Just “in the Tropics” Anymoreshutterstock_217103773

How Do People Get Exposed to Parasites?

We imagine scenes in a “Third-World Country,” with dirt streets and filthy gutters, teeming crowds of people, many walking in sandals or barefoot, in tattered clothes. Sanitation is marginal at best and the public water supply might consist of pots filled and carried from the community well. Cafes or street vendors offer foods prepared in myriad ways, and absent are our “City Public Health Inspection” posters.

Perhaps we have the image of camping in a jungle or by a river, deep in the wilds of nature, exposed to strange animals and insects in their natural habitat. Mosquito-borne malaria affects half a billion people. Hookworms affect three-quarters of a billion people. Schistosome worms infect over 200 million people worldwide (rarely in the U.S.A.). Food- and water-borne amoeba kill over a hundred thousand yearly. Less lethal parasites include “Giardia” diarrhea and “pinworms.” After all, parasites are prevalent in “unclean” parts of the world, nowhere near our “clean” society.

shutterstock_390389758Our exposure to such infected people is minimal – except, of course, on international travel, where we might sit next to “foreigners” whose health status is unknown. Or maybe in the same airline or train seat where “one of them” has recently sat. Such encounters might not be a direct for parasite transfers as ones in your own neighborhood.

Do you have a dog or cat or pet bird? Do your friends? Now or in the past? So you know about a monthly heart-worm tablet for your dog? We know that horses and cattle “get wormed” often – but not the riders or care-takers! Nor the gardeners (or farmers or ranchers) who till the soil. Even “potting soil” in your house can harbor microscopic invaders. Chickens in barnyard and cage can be loaded with various parasites, as can be ducks and geese. Yep, pigs, goats, donkeys. Sheep. Beavers. Rabbits and rats and other rodents.

And deer. And fish. Lightly-cooked meats and raw fish – sushi – present specific challenges, but food preparation of fish and fowl (even beef and all other meats) can lead to unknown contamination. Most people know that pork needs to be well-cooked to avoid “trichinosis.” Speaking of food preparation: do you wonder why they need to put signs in restrooms to remind our cooks, waiters, and dishwashers to “wash your hands before returning to duties”? Aprons worn by the cooking and cleaning staff, towels repeatedly used by them … the list of exposure opportunities is endless. Do you know that pregnant women are cautioned to avoid cat litter dust because “Toxo” parasites can cause brain damage and personality changes – not only for the developing baby but also for the infected adult. Periodontal gum inflammation (gingivitis) can be loaded with undiagnosed parasites.

Could Parasites Explain YOUR Health Problems?

Much of modern medicine is fairly simple – antibiotics for infections, stitches for cuts, and so on. But what about infections that won’t stay gone? Or wounds that won’t heal normally? And the list of “lingering medical problems” is getting longer, indeed. You get a hint of these discomforts by looking at easily available over-the-counter drugs at your local pharmacy. “Acid reflux” and “heartburn” and “indigestion” could lead the list – or maybe “allergies” and “congestion.” Headaches, constipation, diarrhea, joint pains, breathing difficulties, itching and rashes, vaginal discharge, the list goes on and on  ….. continued in next week’s edition

So, we want to remind you – we’re here to meet your needs, turning your God-given ability for healing into wonderful results for you. Are you ready to get out of your pain and on with your life? We’re ready to help ….. YOU!

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After all, no surgeon would advise you to have an operation your could easily avoid. And no doctor would prescribe for you a medication you could easily avoid. Well-trained physicians and surgeons will tell you that a surprising number of operations and drugs are advised because of unsuspected parasites! The only problem right now is learning about what you can do – today – to avoid problems tomorrow.

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