Will the ER be “FULL” when YOU need help?

shutterstock_14464588The field of “medical care” is changing rapidly, and many more jolts will alter how we come to expect our needs to be met. As more people become “eligible” for free services, you’ll encounter them “in line” at the ER. Waits of a few hours will stretch into waits of “all night long.” And you can be “bumped” at the last minute when someone else with chest pains arrives by ambulance.

Have you noticed … more of your visits are with a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant? Wanna-be docs (or “baby-docs” as I sometimes call them) can certainly handle routine problems. What’s disturbing is that I find more of my patients are being seen repeatedly (or ONLY) by “wanna-be’s” for much more complicated medical issues. And their management decisions can sometimes be questionable.

You’re just beginning to see what’s going to happen. It’s going to get “far more interesting” from now on. Make a note in your calendar: “Dr. T warned me about this.”

While you’re busy with your business, your family, your house, your vacations, your hobbies, your other house, your rental house, your whatever (which includes trying to figure out how to save dollars in this economy) … remember that your body is aging and developing your “future” diseases for upcoming surprises. You might want to get smarter by getting in to get better sooner, so your care is much simpler, much faster, and much more cost-effective. You ARE worth it, right? (Wait – before you answer that – take a look at where you actually DO spend your money!)

Our JOB is to get you healthier … but ONLY if you give us a fair chance by showing up!

What if you don’t have to have the risks of an “angiogram” dye injection test to see if you have heart-blockage disease?

Well, YOU DON’T!

Memorial Hermann Wellness Institute offers the HeartScan test that takes 10 minutes and shows hardening plaque in your heart arteries.

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