The Sickening History Of The Medical Industry

I’ve expressed my views and opinions about the mainstream medical industry since my early days of being a doctor. I have consciously and deliberately stepped away from practicing according to the way the “powers that be” in the industry would have me and every other doctor practice. I have what is considered an alternative medical practice. However, the word “alternative” is really more aptly applied to the mainstream medical-industrial complex because treating the body in ways the work with its natural healing capacity used to be the norm until someone decided to put an end to that.

I came across a well-written article that provides a solid overview of how conscious manipulation has demonized and destroyed actual healing modalities in favor of science fiction pills and procedures that are designed to keep patients coming back for more. If you’ve been on the medical merry-go-round of doctor’s visits and you still aren’t feeling well or anywhere near what could be described as vibrantly healthy, you may want to check out the article. I’ve included the link below. Once you’ve read it, you’ll have a clearer picture of why you’re not likely to really get better if you stick with the mainstream. It’s really not a system designed to make you healthy, despite the nomenclature of “health system.” It is a system you would almost bet is designed to keep you sick and in pain and addicted to doctor’s appointments, treatments, and operations for the rest of your life. In my book, that’s downright sickening.

For an overview of the way ‘healthcare’ has been manipulated over the ages, click here: