A World Of Smaller Penises, Two-headed And Lazy Sperm

I am not describing a scene in a science fiction porno movie. I’m talking about what is happening right here on planet earth. I’m talking about some of the effects of babies being born amid endocrine disruptors that are absolutely everywhere. They are in plastics, shampoos, cosmetics, cushions, pesticides, canned foods, and register receipts. They often aren’t on labels and can be difficult to avoid. These disruptors are not just affecting males. They are affecting everyone.


Real-Life Horror

The issue is not just that there is a decline in sperm, there is also continually growing evidence of defective sperm, such as the aforementioned two-headed sperm and lazy sperm that loll aimlessly in circles rather than swimming furiously in pursuit of an egg. The reproductive issues coming to the foreground as a result of endocrine disruptors are but a small part of the problem. Chemical exposures during development can alter disease susceptibility and can produce reproductive, neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic, and immune effects in humans.

According to a recent New York Times opinion piece, there is a huge decline in sperm count. The author writes, “In some ways, the sperm-count decline is akin to where global warming was 40 years ago.” The article goes on to say, “Chemical companies are as reckless as tobacco companies were a generation ago, or as opioid manufacturers were a decade ago. They lobby against even safety testing of endocrine disruptors so that we have little idea if products we use each day are damaging our bodies or our children.” https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/20/opinion/sunday/endocrine-disruptors-sperm.html?campaign_id=39&emc=edit_ty_20210222&instance_id=27359&nl=opinion-today&regi_id=74586418&segment_id=52100&te=1&user_id=3e21bfc7edc421f4499d99f53134721a


Clear Out The Disruptors And Clean Up Your Health

I have been helping patients detoxify from the effects of endocrine disruptors for the past 40 years. I also teach my patients to steer clear of endocrine disruptors. I wrote an entire book devoted to one of the effects of endocrine disruptors called The Yeast Syndrome, which has plagued the health of millions of good people for decades. Most people living on a modern, refined diet suffer from candida overgrowth. Ingesting pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, alcohol, and other toxic foods kill our natural, beneficial gut microbiome. Refined sugars and flours feed the microbes that survive our toxic lifestyles. These microbes thrive in our toxic bodies because they feed off of simple sugars and weak cells. They also flourish because of the biological effects from plastics, heavy metals, and all kinds of toxins.


The Standard American Diet = S.A.D.

Diet is one of the most important aspects of clearing out the toxic endocrine disruptors and other toxins in the body. Unfortunately, the standard American diet with its excess of sugar, refined carbohydrates, saturated fat and trans fats, is the primary cause of obesity and diabetes. And that truly is SAD.

I recommend a diet of whole foods, not processed foods. Fresh, wholesome food is the first step toward feeling better and making sure your home is free and clear of the products that are producers of endocrine disruptors. Plastic containers, shampoos, detergents, toothpaste. The list is endless. I provide patients with a list of products that are free of these destructive disruptors.


Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a non-surgical procedure I use in my medical practice that gets to the root of the cause and literally takes whatever it is—heavy metals, blood clots, etc.—out of the body.  In chelation therapy, a safe chemical substance is introduced into the body through an intravenous (IV) drip. Once it enters the bloodstream, this FDA-approved “medicine”  binds to certain atoms (such as toxic heavy metals or minerals) and then removes them from the body.


Take Action Against The Horrors Of Endocrine Disruptors 

We may not be able to fight the chemical companies, but we can make changes that will eliminate the endocrine disruptors from our lives and the lives of our children. Many chronic illnesses are associated with these endocrine disruptors. If you are ready to do something about a chronic health condition which your doctor doesn’t seem able to identify and diagnose, give my office a call. We’ve been disrupting the mainstream medical industry by helping our patients get to the root of their health issues without surgeries and pharmaceuticals. Let’s put an end to the nightmarish reproductive scene that has been unfolding.