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As a special bonus for visiting out website, you’ll be receiving the entire tex of The Rumble in Humble: Heart Surgery and All That Jazz! This will help you and your friends understand the recent advances in the leading cause of death–heart and blood vessel disease.

Have you considered a non-surgical alternative for your heart or blood vessel condition? Stop using “traditional” medicine and get on to something that actually works. Drugs will always be useful in “stopping bad things from happening.” However, they do little to correct or repair the underlying problems. But.. your body can do practically everything.

Your body is made of nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Properly prescribed “therapeutic dosages” of nutritional supplements have shown to be very helpful in adding your body to correct or repair underlying problems.

Angioplasties or bypass surgeries can be lifesaving when they’re needed to get blood past a blockage. However, surgery only reaches certain larger blood vessels and does nothing to help correct or repair the underling problems that actually caused the blockage. Often we hear of “repeat” operations because newly opened or bypassed areas may block off yet again.

Alternatively, you can choose a natural treatment that’s offered only by licensed, trained physicians. Chelation therapy is used to “turn on” body repair processes, resulting in better body functions of cells and organs. Not to mention that you will have improved blood flow to many areas of your body. Results can be remarkable!

Our programs–drugs, nutritional supplements, operations, chelation therapy–along with proper dietary and exercise prescriptions, provide a wide range of treatment options to help each and every patient survive better. The key is understanding how to use them the best. And that’s what The Rumble in Humble: Heart Surgery and all that Jazz! is all about.

The more your doctors talk with each other, the more complete can be the planning for your care. The more your doctors talk with you, the more you can become a true participant in your own care. Have you really found out all the facts that you need to know? Did your doctor explain to you all of your treatment options – or make all the choices for you? Now is the time for you to start taking a more active role in making your own choices ….. for living.

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