A Review from a Happy Patient

Dr. John Parks Trowbridge is, without a doubt, the finest of doctors. His impressive education, depth of experience, and ability to listen make him a brilliant diagnostician. Here’s an example of his genius: Early one morning, my husband was suffering from severe pain, so I rushed him to the neighborhood ER affiliated with a major hospital. Two MD’s diagnosed his problem as heart-related and urged him to go to the hospital, which my husband refused to do. As soon as we got home, I frantically called Dr. T., even though it was during the weekend, gave him my husband’s symptoms, and Dr. T. diagnosed the problem correctly OVER THE PHONE, which was NOT heart-related. He told me what to do, and my husband recovered at home.

In my own experience–prior to Dr. T.–I once told another well-respected doctor that I thought I had a specific problem, and the doctor replied, “You might,” and dropped the subject. With Dr. T. –the best of all listeners–I’ve said that I might have a certain problem, and almost before I knew it, Dr. T. had ordered the right test, prescribed the right supplements (or, if necessary, prescription drug), and my problem was history. Years ago, in another waiting room, I heard a fellow patient say, “Dr. Trowbridge is the best.” Back then, I hadn’t heard of him, and since Trowbridge isn’t a common name, I unfortunately forgot. I can now say that with all my heart, I believe Dr. John Parks Trowbridge truly is THE BEST, and I totally trust him with my life.


A Review from Facebook

Dr. T is brilliant and he listens. That’s why he is able to diagnose his patients so accurately when other Drs fail. I was so sick I couldn’t work and went to 17 Drs in 20 years. They all treated my symptoms but not the cause. Then I found Dr T and he searched and treated the cause of my illnesses. He tailored my program so I wouldn’t become discouraged and working together, I got well. Over the past 26 years, I’ve been treated for deep blood fungus which was attacking my immune system, heavy poisoning which was draining my energy, aches and pains from car accidents and arthritis and now as I get older Dr T keeps my hormones in balance. I will be 65 years old soon and don’t move as fast as I did in my 40s but I’m healthier, happier and enjoy life much more.

Thanks Dr T.

~Callie Lawrence

Google Review

After watching Dr. Trowbridge on “Know the Cause”, I was so impressed with his ability to heal patients that I decided to fly from New Jersey to Houston to meet with him. It was the best decision I ever made. I found Dr. Trowbridge to be a complete doctor who focuses on treating the entire body and has a drilldown-approach to find the underlying cause of symptoms. Upon seeing Dr. Trowbridge, my symptoms included extreme fatigue, depression, memory loss, lack of concentration, heartburn, nausea, food intolerances, incontinence, constipation, allergies, eczema, bone/muscle loss, and joint aches, just to name a few. All of the other doctors that I had seen over the past 30 years didn’t know where to begin and came up with nothing. And these doctors were “specialists” trained in conventional, alternative/integrative, and naturopathic medicine. After just one office visit, I received more from Dr. Trowbridge than I did from all the other doctors combined. He already knew what direction to go in and which tests to run. His diagnosis was spot-on and his treatment plan has produced significant results. He connects personally with you to understand not only where you are now, but where you are coming from. Dr. Trowbridge’s staff is also like no other. They call between appointments to check on your well-being and address any questions you may have. They are also attentive in returning phone calls and responding to emails. Like Dr. Trowbridge, you are important to them. Being a patient of Dr. Trowbridge is an education as to how medicine should be practiced. My hat goes off to him for making my life relevant again. I only wish I knew Dr. Trowbridge 30 years ago.


Google Review

Dr. Trowbridge gave me my life back. I suddenly experienced problems with my right shoulder that severely restricted what I could do. Found Dr. Trowbridge after hearing about “prolo therapy” and wondered if it could help me. Was surprised to get a questionnaire that I filled out that was extremely detailed in its questions. Dr. Trowbridge then sat with me for an hour discussing and asking specific questions about the details before he ever treated me. After seeing the issue that my shoulder was causing me, he began prolo therapy on my shoulder. I was able to regain full use of my shoulder and arm and quite simply, regained my life due to the lack of restrictions I now have. Dr. Trowbridge is focused in his interest in each person’s care and strives to give the treatments that will benefit that person. He has even treated my wife for an on-going issue she has suffered from for the last 30 years and she also experienced improvements that greatly diminished the pain she had been living with for so long. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Very smart and caring doctor.


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Went out of his way to help me start a chelation protocol when I couldn’t afford to travel to see him in Texas. That was about 6 months ago. I’m getting better day by day because of him. Standard specialists here haven’t helped at all with my exposure to industrial cleaners that had metals in them. Have been seeing specialists here at the VA for it for the past two years and have had no results. Following Dr. T’s beginning protocol and I’m finally seeing results. Its true– the difference between a man and a mouse, is that ate mouse always finds the cheese. Someone can continue the same treatments and continue to do so without getting any results. Sometimes one has to look outside the box and try a completely different protocol to get results for what ails you. That’s what I had to do to finally get on the right path to recovery. Thanks Dr. T!


Google Review

Dr. John Trowbridge is an amazing doctor, outstanding in his field, passionate about his work and his patient care. I am honored to call him my doctor and my friend.


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