The A, B, C’s Of How Lifestyle And Modern Medicine Nurture And Cultivate Illness

The Yeast Syndrome is the archetypal example of how modern medicine has succumbed to the Law of Unintended Consequences. The almost blind reliance in adopting the claims of “scientific advances” has led the medical industry down the path where convenient choices have produced complications both unintended and unforeseen, apart from the desired advantages. Environmental conditions have set the stage for the overgrowth of yeast, almost unhampered by natural defenses that have protected human beings for millennia.

If you suffer from illnesses that the many specialists you’ve seen have been unable to properly diagnose, chances are you are suffering the effects of The Yeast Syndrome. Or perhaps some specialists have applied some or a variety of complicated names to your condition yet have not provided any relief. Perhaps you have endured surgeries and have felt momentary instead of sustained relief. You desire real healing but have almost lost all hope for that possibility.

Pills and surgeries have cultivated compromised immune systems allowing our bodies to be inundated by toxins that progressively damage our physiology, nutritional status, and endocrine functions. Any real healing is suppressed and a life of long-suffering and visits to specialists who do not consider the wholeness and brilliant healing capacity of the body follows.

Study the A, B, cCs of how your health is impacted by contemporary life and modern medical practices:

A = antibiotics, widely used, often abused – and microbiome replenishment ignored – reduction of bacteria antagonistic to yeast growth

B = birth control pills – hormonal disruption favoring yeast growth

C = cortisone – in all its flavors – widely used, even over the counter for topical – favoring yeast growth

D = deplorable diet –sugars and starches favor yeast growth and nutritional deficiencies impair immune defenses and other systems

E = environmental toxins – we’re engulfed in more of them every year

F = full of stress lifestyles – surging of stress hormones alerts yeast to an organism facing challenges, ideal for yeast exploitation

G = genetic predispositions – some people more readily surrender to attack

H = health habits adverse to recovery and repair: reduced sleep, on-the-go hurry

Do these issues matter? Well, certainly! In 1999, doctors at the Mayo Clinic announced results of a clinical study: “We finally know what causes chronic sinus infections – yeast!” Their research confirms what I have been treating for many years, with great success. Treatment for The Yeast Syndrome is more than just yeast antibiotics – it’s a complete, personalized program addressing all of the A-B-C’s above, so that you can feel better and stay well for many years to come.

If you are ready to experience truly feeling better and moving toward health, give us a call. I have been helping those who have suffered as a result of the unintended consequences of modern medical practitioners for more than 40 years.