The Denial Of Something Doesn’t Make The Denied Thing Untrue

The medical industry is famous for the denial of so many things. That is until the thing they’ve denied can no longer be denied without completely eroding the credibility of the deniers. The most recent example of this is when the many doctors, scientists and other medical professionals associated with the making and distribution of opioids denied that OxyContin was addictive. By the time the truth was finally admitted it was too late. Millions had already died of overdose and millions more are currently addicted and many of those will die of overdose as well.

“Candidiasis Hypersensitivity Syndrome” is an underlying condition the medical industry continues to deny, once again, at the expense of tens of millions of suffering people. This syndrome, which I call The Yeast Syndrome, is easy for the medical industry to deny for a variety of reasons. First, it cannot be “fixed” with a pill or surgery. Secondly, it can be challenging to diagnose and requires a wholistic and individual approach to each patient. Most mainstream medical doctors do not spend more than a few minutes with patients and have no patience for doing the thorough investigation of lifestyle and health often required to get to the very root of any issue. A callous approach concludes that doctors cannot make millions unless they prescribe pills, surgeries and keep patients coming back for more. Virtually everyone will concede that it’s not nearly as lucrative to help patients heal by working with the body’s natural healing capacity and helping patients change their eating and lifestyle habit.

The truth is that The Yeast Syndrome is not a singular “specific disease.” What cannot be denied is that The Yeast Syndrome is worsened – perhaps sometimes created by – nothing more than the result of the modern medical professionals’ inadequacies and failures to advise patients on how to correct their underlying challenges. A myriad of conditions from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, obesity and more have been reported in medical studies to be attributed to these inadequacies and failure on the part of “modern medical practices.”

Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Expecting A Different Result

Einstein is credited as the one who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Finally, many patients who have been on the mainstream medical merry-go-round reach the “aha!” moment when they realize the truth of this and can no longer deny that their continuation on the same path is insane. That’s when they start searching for someone who does things differently. Hopefully they seek the services of a specially trained and experienced integrative doctor who is familiar with The Yeast Syndrome and will help the patient recover as best they can despite years of unnecessary and counter-productive “treatments.” Unfortunately, some people become so desperate and disillusioned that they do end up on the other end of the spectrum going to someone who may be promoting themselves as a “healer” without medical training. However, if you stick to looking for experienced and educated integrative doctors, you will be in good hands.

One obvious reason for the explosion of patient numbers with The Yeast Syndrome is found to be Antibiotics, especially broad spectrum antibiotics, which kill friendly germs while they’re killing enemies. And when friendly germs are knocked out, yeast germs (Candida Albicans) multiply. Diets rich in carbohydrates and yeast-related foods, birth control pills, cortisone and other drugs also stimulate yeast growth. Large numbers of yeasts weaken your immune system, creating or amplifying any number of seemingly unrelated illnesses over time.

Denial Is The Prevailing Stance In The Medical Industry Regarding The Yeast Syndrome

Through this staunch position, the medical industry literally cultivates and nurtures illness instead of promoting any sense of real “health or healing.” Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to putting the body together after an accident or severe injury, the medical industry is extraordinary and provides a great service to humanity. But, because medical mainstream is more impressed with technology, pills, surgeries, et al, the divine healing capacity of the human body is considered inferior. If your doctor (or even just you yourself) want to gain an understanding of diagnosis and treatment details that I have used successfully since the early 1980s, order a copy of the June and July issues of the Townsend Letter, the premier journal for integrative medicine, featuring my lengthy article. I am featured on the cover of the June issue (

Get Out Of Denial

And I’m not talking about the river in Egypt. I’m talking about taking responsibility and stepping onto the path where truth will lead you to at least feeling better if not fully recovering from years of what appear to be ineffective treatments at the hands of the mainstream medical industry. Give my office a call. I’ve been helping patients recover their health and happiness for over 40 years. I’m ready to help you experience healing if you are ready to do your part.