The Medical Industry Has Turned Humans Into Yeast Factories

Whether you are aware of it or not, medical advances are routinely resisted by mainstream practitioners who fail to understand the bases upon which better diagnosis and treatments are evolving. The Yeast Syndrome (TYS) has been no different – except, perhaps, that such opposition now has a 40-year history … thanks to astonishing ignorance and arrogance.

And you wonder why you never feel better even though you’ve been to dozens of specialists and have made practically a full-time career out of spending time on the medical merry-go-round! Well, here’s the likely answer. The medical industry (and I use this term intentionally) continuously refuses to acknowledge The Yeast Syndrome. This behavior has done more harm than good. In fact, it has literally turned human beings into yeast factories, the result of rampant antibiotic use, refined carbohydrate consumption, and medical infatuation with steroids.”

Manifestations Of TYS Vary Greatly

The amazing human body is designed to withstand many challenges when all systems are “GO.” But when this miraculous system is altered by an abundance of yeast (especially C. albicans) the yeast is continuously aroused to grow more readily. Each “event” encourages yeast to flourish more, and finally body systems are unable to meet the threat as debilitating yeast metabolites and toxins (“Canditoxins”) flood the body’s cells and organs. Welcome to … The Yeast Syndrome.

The manifestations of TYS vary greatly from patient to patient, depending in part upon the location and extent of tissue colonization, but principally upon the patient’s immunologic and allergic response to yeast antigens and to possible toxins released by the fungus.

Earliest Recognition Of Yeast-Related Conditions

Back in 1953, an Alabama internist, C. Orian Truss, M.D. first began to suspect the presence of yeast as the culprit in a coal miner with a cut finger whose organ functions were rapidly deteriorating despite antibiotics and steroids. He treated the patient with an antifungal iodine solution. The patient fully recovered.

On another occasion Dr. Truss was called by a psychiatry service to treat a young woman with yeast infections of the vagina and intestine, seemingly associated with allergic asthma and hives. Reviewing her chart, he realized the coincident onset of mental confusion and suicidal depression. But then came the surprise … the rapid disappearance of mental and virtually all other symptoms when he aggressively treated her yeast infections. His reluctant conclusion: the apparent capacity of this fungus to cause serious systematic illness.

In 1978, Truss authored a landmark article entitled “Tissue injury induced by Candida albicans: Mental and neurologic manifestations.” [Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, 7:1, 17- 37, 1978. Several other papers followed, detailing his experiences. Coining the term “The Missing Diagnosis,” Truss later summarized his unique observations in a self-published book of that title in 1983. He expanded the scientific explanations for these unique perspectives in his sequel, The Missing Diagnosis II, self-published in 2009.

Unfortunately, Truss’ revolutionary concepts came at a time, as I mentioned earlier, when the medical establishment was dedicated to rampant antibiotic use and carbohydrate (sugar) consumption was exploding throughout the country.

Even though with Truss’s treatments, a wide variety of symptoms unexpectedly improved including irritable bowel discomforts, skin conditions, allergies, mood problems, anxiety and depression, as well as inordinate food craving associated with obesity and pre-diabetes, the medical establishment was not convinced. To this day the resistance to acknowledging TYS as “real” is strong.

When Reality Hits Home For The Suffering

Eventually those who suffer for years without a real diagnosis and any relief from their pain and suffering will turn to someone who takes TYS seriously. That’s when reality sets in and they begin to feel like they want to live again. If you or someone you know has been suffering without any clear answers to their “condition(s)” give my office a call. I’ve been treating TYS for over 40 years…as long as the medical industry has been denying its existence.