The Mystery Is How Many People Are Willing To Suffer Endlessly

One of the most heartbreaking things I experience as an integrative doctor in this life is the commitment so many people make to trusting an array of mainstream medical industry doctors and specialists with their health even though they never get any relief or even a real diagnosis. Case in point comes from an amazing Opinion piece in the October 23rd issue of The New York Times written by Ross Douthat. Mr. Douthat chronicles his descent from robust health into what he has come to endure and call, as most people do, chronic illness.

Near the end of his NYT piece Mr. Douthat writes, “So I went at last to a psychiatrist, my 11th doctor in 10 weeks.”  This came after he says, “The tipping point was my session with the head of infectious diseases at a major hospital, an appointment that took six weeks to get and that lasted all of 15 minutes. He listened to an abbreviated version of my story, sighed and leaned backward in his chair. “Look, we’ve done everything for you,” he said. “If you had an infection, we’d catch it.”

“So what does that mean?” I said weakly. “I’m just in so much pain, Doctor. Can it really all be … stress?”

He spread his hands. “There’s just a lot we don’t understand about the human body,” he said. “A lot of mystery, you know? But you’re young and healthy, you’ll feel better. The important thing is that we can rule things out — that’s what we do here.”

Mainstream Medical Doctors Merely “Rule Things Out”

The truth of what that mainstream doctor told Mr. Douthat resonates loud and clear. If you are looking for a diagnosis, you might not ever get one from the medical mainstream. They can tell you what you don’t have, but not what you do have! And they are more likely to tell you that you have psychological problems instead of something that’s gone awry in your body.

Apparently Mr. Douthat hasn’t made it to an alternative integrative doctor yet, but he might make it eventually. So many people wait until they are getting ready to cross the threshold into the afterlife before they are willing to break with tradition.

While Mr. Douthat’s condition could very well be the result of an unsuspected and untested yeast or fungus infection or a tick-borne illness, often times a patient will see several doctors for their symptoms, which may actually be a wide array of things. However, no matter the doctor and what their answer is, the patient comes back with no improvement and the same problem!

Integrative Doctors Get To The Root Of What’s Happening In The Body

It is true that the human body is mysterious. It’s mysterious in its amazing ability to self-heal when given the chance. At Life Celebrating Health, we’ve been blazing trails in identifying the root cause of chronic-illness problems. And, since the fall of 2015, we’ve been able to positively identify specific fungi found in the blood of patients suffering with a wide range of “inexplicable” diseases. I am in no way suggesting that is Mr. Douthat’s problem, but I would sure love to have him as my patient. I would love to help this man return his body and mind to the vibrant health and happiness he once experienced.

If you’ve been suffering from conditions that no mainstream medical doctor has been able to identify, give my office a call. There is so much joy to be had from feeling better, and I would love to help you access that joy…there are delightful days ahead when in your life, you can celebrate good health!