The Pain Of Surgical Mistakes Is Worse Than The Pain You Seek To Eliminate

Perhaps you’ve been suffering pain due to an injury for years, maybe even decades. It could be back pain, neck pain, hip, elbow or knee pain. Or, perhaps, like several of my patients, you were born with a congenital condition that has caused joint pain since birth (double-jointedness) that possibly has caused pestering joint pain but has never been diagnosed as a reason.You’ve likely been to numerous doctors attempting to either establish or reclaim a pain-free life. All to no avail. You’ve done your best to learn to “live with the pain.” Yet, you still hold out hope that the next doctor or specialist you see holds the magic key so that you can live without it!

The Devastating Cost Of Surgery

Several doctors have probably prescribed pain pills, and many have likely strongly recommended surgery. Perhaps you’ve seriously considered both or are currently considering a surgery. If you are, this article was meant for you. Please read on.

Surgeries, besides being costly are also very dangerous due to human error. In a 20-year study, it was revealed that every week of the year, surgeons:

• Leave a foreign object like a sponge or towel inside a patient’s body after an operation – not just once a week but 39 times every week!
• Perform the wrong procedure on a patient – not just once or twice a week, but 20 times each week!
• Operate on the wrong body site – not just once or twice each week, but 20 times each week!

The results of the study showed that a total of 9,744 paid malpractice judgments and claims for these types of events were reported over a 20-year period, totaling $1.3 billion.

Healing Happens When You Work With The Body’s Self-Healing Processes

So, taking this information into consideration, along with the fact that many surgeries, even when performed “correctly” do not heal the body or the pain, you may want to explore a method you’ve probably never even been told about by any of the doctors you’ve seen.

Reconstructive Therapy (RT), also referred to as Prolotherapy, is a non-surgical treatment I’ve performed for over 30 years , one that works wonders to relieve pain by actually turning on the natural healing processes already found within your body! Imagine that. In research studies, RT has been shown to strengthen injured support bands – the ligaments, tendons and capsules – that surround joints. This, in turn increases your mobility and flexibility and reduces your pains. No surgeries, no daily drugs, just strengthening of the area and elimination of pain by turning on your own natural healing processes. Ask us about another successful “twist” on RT: “prolozone” –– often more comfortable, less expensive, possibly even faster with producing results.

What Exactly Is It And How Reconstructive Therapy Is Administered And Works

Reconstructive Therapy is an injection technique discovered in the 1920s by George S. Hackett, M.D. and two Philadelphia osteopathic surgeons, Dr. Gedney and Dr. Shumann. A solution of concentrated dextrose and local anesthetic (steroids are not used) is injected into the affected ligaments, tendons, or joint capsules. This solution acts not as a nutrient, but as a stimulant to the body’s natural ability to repair these tissues, encouraging growth of new ligament or tendon fibers. Over dozens of years, we’ve found that other solutions – calcium, zing, and so on – can produce similar results, often with less discomfort.

I have written a book (Do What You Want To Do: Get Pain Relief Now) about Reconstructive Therapy and include dozens and dozens of real-life stories about men and women who have reclaimed their pain-free lives after tragic accidents and years of looking for relief. If you’ve been suffering and are ready to end the suffering, give my office a call and let’s discuss your condition. You deserve to live pain free and your family deserves to have you back as an active and joyful participant in life. If you’re interested in more details, get and read PAIN, PAIN GO AWAY – New Edition (from Amazon), written by the physician who trained me! I wrote the last chapter in his book, on dramatically relieving discomforts from “double-jointedness” also called ligament laxity syndrome.