The Way Many People Celebrate During The Holidays Makes Them Sick

Thanksgiving threw open the doors to holiday celebrating. And now everyone is up to their ears in the overindulgence that is synonymous with celebrating in America. Quite frankly, it’s enough to make anyone sick. And make people sick it does.

Considering that most Americans are already sick – think obesity, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and mental disorders, ad infinitum – when one starts to “celebrate” it’s like adding gasoline to a fire. The fact of the matter is that holidays are the busiest times for hospital emergency rooms. I’m not talking gunshot wounds or broken limbs, though plenty of those happen too, I’m talking about causes that are specifically connected to the American way of celebrating. When people abandon any common sense around eating and also disrupt regular eating patterns due to numerous parties and gatherings. And of course there’s the holiday drinking. People also disrupt their sleep patterns, fail to take medications correctly and are stressed out in general. Anyone that has breathing difficulties, anxiety and or atrial fibrillation (AFib) episodes are susceptible to the added stress the holidays usher in.

My office is plagued with calls during the holiday season too. Mostly conditions that have gone undiagnosed or simply ignored flare up with the overindulgent season and some people call me as a desperate last resort. I am not a Grinch nor am I a Scrooge during the holidays. In fact, I love celebrating the joys of the season. But I don’t do it by slamming my body with an endless buffet of sugar, alcohol, and rich, creamy food until the beginning of a New Year.

Maybe this holiday season you’ll take a new approach and make your health your number one priority. Maybe you’ll make your way to my office to map out a truly healing plan for the New Year and life ahead of you. I would love to celebrate your health with you in this way.