Think And Grow Healthier

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich? It’s possible, of course, but highly unlikely. That book is considered “The grandaddy of motivational literature.” It is one book that shows the relationship between mind and body. As a physician, I am keenly interested in the relationship between the brain activity and the immune system. 

Physicians long gave recognition to Hippocrates’ observation that ““The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” But understanding the profound significance of that concept would wait until 1964, when my lab director at Stanford, George Solomon coined the term “psychoneuroimmunology.” Research now aims to uncover the mechanisms by which the brain is able to influence the functions of the immune system – you might realize that we now call this “mind-body medicine,” exploring behavioral and biological mechanisms that link psychosocial factors, health, and disease.  

Whether you want to use your brain to get rich or to get well, or at least to feel better than you currently do, there are doctors like myself who believe in the mind/body connection and still maintain what Hippocrates pointed out so long ago that within the body is the greatest healing force. Mainstream medicine appears to have forgotten that and gives little credence to those inherent abilities we have all been freely gifted. If you really want to feel better and turn your mind and heart to that objective, the creative force within you will lead you. You must listen though. You must break free of the habitual messages of those “professionals” to whom you have given power.

Here’s a brain teaser for you: things that are toxic to your nervous system (brain) are also toxic to your immune defense system – and vice versa. Are your immune functions another “sense” organ for your body (like your eyes and ears), detecting molecular shapes coming your way?

If you have been considering alternatives in caring for your health, give our office a call. My patients have been guided to my office in the most extraordinary ways. I trust you will be guided where you need to be for your health and if it is to my door, you will receive our best efforts to see and feel the difference in care right away.