What’s the right treatment for me?

As our practice name says, we believe strongly in the power of making choices about your health.

To make an informed choice, though, you need to understand the options available to you. If you have lingering health problems—and just can’t get the answers you need from your doctor—we might have the solutions you’re seeking!

Read on to see how the treatments we offer can help solve your health problems!

Do you have an unknown illness that your doctor just can’t figure out?

The answer to your problem may be Yeast Syndrome! Often times a patient will see several doctors for their symptoms–which may actually be a wide array of things. However, no matter the doctor and what their answer is, the patient comes back with no improvement and the same problem! In these cases, it’s likely safe to say the problem is yeast overgrowth.

Had a heart attack or at risk of a cardiac event?

Chelation Therapy gets to the root of the cause of so many illnesses—heart disease, strokes, macular degeneration, peripheral artery disease and gangrene, others—that’s toxic heavy metals damaging your functions. Chelation reduces these poisons, getting them out of the body using FDA-approved medications. Many patients are thrilled to find relief from daily pains, shortness of breath, and other limitations…and are overjoyed at a brighter future.

Troublesome pain? Give it the boot!

Our Reconstructive Therapy often eliminates even the most stubborn pain…without surgery or daily drugs! Reconstructive therapy strengthens injured support bands (ligaments, tendons, and capsules) that surround joints. From here, your joints are able to function properly, restoring your mobility and flexibility, often leaving you with no more limiting pains!


Effective Weight-Loss Programs

  • Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life (since 1984)
  • BetterBodyNow Program (A coached “System” since 2008)
  • BetterBodyNow EXPRESS Program (a customized and coached hCG Program, adaptation of Simeons Protocol since 2011)

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Chelation Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy
We focus mainly on cardiovascular issues and heavy metal poisoning, however, chelation therapy can aid you in many other diseases and disorders. Often times doctors simply prescribe a medicine or perform a surgery to reduce pain, but in many cases, these treatments fail. Chelation therapy gets to the root of the cause and literally takes whatever it is—heavy metals, blood clots, etc.—out of the body. You will feel renewed and overjoyed with relief!

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Nutritional Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy
Your suffering may be due to your lifestyle, such as stress or nutrition. When lifestyle problems happen, no amount of drugs or surgery can fix them. To promote life-long health and permanently fix your problems, you need nutritional medicine.

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Deep Blood Fungus

Stem Cell Therapy
Could a fungus infection deep inside your body could be the cause of—or at least contributing to—your suffering and declining health?

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Snoring and Sleep Apnea Therapy

  • Innovative Strategies since 1993
  • Help with Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Emphysema/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease “COPD” (especially for long lasting heart and lung conditions)

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • HRT for men and women… for over 25 years!
  • Natural bio-identical hormones, to duplicate how you felt when you really felt great years ago!
  • Fertility Evaluations (and surprising treatments for “Infertility”)

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Thyroid and Adrenal Treatments

  • Adrenal Stress/Exhaustion Supportive Treatment
  • Immune System Disorders and Autoimmune Diseases
  • Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease

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Auto Immune and Other Disorders

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus(SLE), other “Immune” Problems
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, “Lyme” Disease
  • “Reflux,” Irritable Bowel, Inflammatory Bowel, Psoriasis
  • Recurrent or devastating infections (“Shingles”, MRSA)

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Food/Environmental Allergies

  • Affordable Identification
  • Treatment Programs without shots!

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Neural Therapies

  • Chronic pain patterns
  • Unsightly or distressing scars

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