Can “stem cells” give you a new lease on life?

“Growing up” involves uncountable bumps and bruises, sometimes even breaks. We rarely understand how these often innocent events can lead to pain that arises anytime later and can last for years, even the rest of our life.

Natural healing produced by an advanced, unique “stem cell” preparation has the potential to restore greater comfort and better function for all joints, tendons, rotator cuff and other strains, back and neck pains, and other support tissues all over.

Whether you’re dealing with pain that just started or has lasted for years, there’s a way to treat your pain without drugs or surgery. John Parks Trowbridge, MD, Houston doctor and medical expert, shows you how you can live pain free…FINALLY!


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Stem Cell Therapy can be effective in the treatment or management of the following conditions:

  • Joint Pain (of all kinds)
  • Back Pain (even puzzling sciatica)
  • Neck Pain and Headaches
  • TMJ – Jaw Joint Pain
  • Knee Pain and Torn Meniscus Pad
  • Hip Pain (even when progressive)
  • Ankle / Foot Pain
  • Arthritis (in any joint)
  • Shoulder Pain / Rotator Cuff Shoulder Strains
  • Elbow Pain (and tennis and golfer’s elbow)
  • Wrist – Hand – Finger Pains
  • Tendon and Muscle Strains
  • Sports Injuries / Accident Injuries (recent or years later)

Hear Joann’s Story

Joann was suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, resulting in chronic neck pain. Dr. T helped her with reconstructive therapy, but her neck stubbornly refused to heal. But with ONE stem cell treatment, her neck felt better. As Joann recalls, “My neck is so much better. I can’t believe it’s made such a difference with just one treatment!”

Everything You Need to Know About Stem Cells

Considering Stem Cell Therapy? Just want to know what all the fuss is about?

In this video presentation, Dr. Trowbridge walks you through everything you need to know about stem cells: how they’re harvested, what they’re good for (and what they’re not!), and what you can do to relieve your pain.

Do Stem Cells Work?

Here are just a few of the patients who Dr. Trowbridge has helped with stem cell therapy.

  • Rick was a quarterback in high school...

    Rick was happy with the prolotherapy injections helping his knee. A natural solution placed into his injured tissues stimulated regrowth, repairing the damage and resulting arthritis. He asked about treating his hip. When a quarterback in high school, an onrushing opponent “nailed” his right hip with his helmet. White-lightning pain! Then lingering pains and limitations for 40 years. I explained, “I would like to try a new and unique ‘cellular allograft’ (“stem cells”) preparation that I think might help.” Injection of this newly-developed product into his hip was easy and his hip pains disappeared quickly. Where the helmet hit was far different and much more serious, a tissue compression injury (RSD) … and that special pain took a whole week to disappear.

    Six months later, he stepped backwards off his hay-baler (oops – no step there!) and fell onto – you guessed it! – his right hip. Days later he came in: “This hurts like before; should we try more cells?” “Wait! – this is a separate new injury. Let’s see how you recover. Assuming all goes well, that’s confirmation that your earlier treatment was a success.” His new injury pains disappeared in a week, and he continues to comfortably enjoy usual activities like he had never seen in his adult years.

  • Lois spent years standing on her feet, teaching...

    Lois has spent years standing on her feet, teaching students. When not at work, she has devoted many joyful hours assisting her mother and other family members less able to fend for themselves. Over time, daily life wear and tear takes its toll in daily comfort, a situation that so many people understand. Such suffering, though, is done “in private” for the long hours as we go about our chores and duties and in the quiet of night.

    Falls and crashes create lingering suffering, and Lois was amazed when she realized that discomfort from 18 earlier broken bones is now much less painful after her special “stem cells” injection. When she stood up immediately after her treatment, she noticed she was walking more easily and with a better gait. She now walks longer distances without having to rest her back and her arthritis overall doesn’t bother her like before. Better walking means stable, safer balance.

  • Bobby was surprised by how quickly he felt better...

    Bobby was just like so many local Texas heroes, a high school football player whose knee troubles began in 1960. Surgery in 1970 did more damage than help and he suffered constant pains since. Fluid swelling was drained several times over the years; a knee-wrap brace reduced his swelling and helped a bit with support. Walking, climbing stairs, standing for long periods – his life was looking more and more limited. Over 40 years of unsuccessful treatments helped convince him to try our “stem cells” after hearing how this marvelous new treatment actually repairs injured tissues.

    Guys are often worse than gals in complaining of pain with needles and Bobby lived up to the reputation. What surprised him, though, was how quickly he began to feel better. He almost boasts as his quality of life is improving: “I’m able to walk up a flight of stairs like a person should without having to pull myself up with my arms, one step at a time.” Bobby is excited about the prospect of a pain-free life in his later years, something he had resigned himself to believing was never achievable.

  • Shirley dealt with years of lower back pain...

    Years of low back discomfort have plagued Shirley off and on as an older adult. Even when not suffering with discomfort, she couldn’t do much of anything without provoking an episode of extreme pain.

    After seeing doctor after doctor and hearing experiences of friends, it’s easy to become jaded and resigned that nothing is available to relieve deep and debilitating back pains. Despite her frustration, Shirley clung to the hope that maybe, just maybe, something could help.

    We treated her low back with our special “stem cells.” Within a week, Shirley was excited because her left leg and hip were no longer painful. She still notices some discomforts in her back but insists that she recovers quickly after rest with cold packs. After all these years of suffering, enjoying more comfortable days is a welcome relief.

  • Dan dealt with a diabetic ulcer that would not heal...

    Let’s just say that Dan is “a big boy” – actually he was a professional football player, except for the injuries that kept him on the bench or off the roster. The “spittin’ image” of a “gentle giant,” Big Dan’s picture would be right next to that definition in the dictionary.

    But Dan’s life had become a bag full of worries as adult-onset diabetes was rusting out the blood vessels to his feet. Happily, toe amputations had healed, because they often don’t. But a troublesome diabetic ulcer on the bottom of his right foot simply would not heal. Blood sugar control: great. Keeping weight off the foot: great. Visits to the wound care center every 3 weeks for trimming out the dead skin at the rim and deeper down: great – but the wound stubbornly remained open despite the best of medical care.

    Ever hopeful for a solution, Dan found out about a solution processed from the amniotic fluid that surrounds and protects the growing baby in the womb. His doctors said, “Sure, let’s try it.” The surgery center manager said, “No way, not here.”

    Dan was able to get that healing solution injected around the wound … and the sudden improvement was startling. Within weeks, the diabetic foot ulcer had healed – and Dan found a new job, working with the amniotic fluid company, sharing this exciting product with interested physicians.

    As happens with exceptional performers, Dan’s successful reputation preceded him, and the company that developed the world’s most unique “stem cells” recruited him to launch their patented product in late 2015. As a side benefit, those very cells have splendidly helped to restore the disintegrating support tissue and healing of new sole ulcers that resulted from walking across a hot driveway. What fool would walk across a hot driveway? One who can’t feel the heat that is burning his skin. Diabetics suffer from decreased nerve sensations (neuropathy) and often fail to notice injuries happening.

  • Chiropractic helped Joanna, but never permanently...

    Facing down her “golden years” at almost 65, Joanna agonized for many days each month with painful neck discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments gave relief for a few days at a time and prolotherapy injections (a natural solution to stimulate healing of strained, injured support bands) gave welcome comfort but never permanently.

    Dr. T and the nurses spoke highly of the improvements they were seeing in patients with similar problems … so maybe “stem cells” would be worth a try. Weighing the risks (hardly any) against the benefits (possibly a lot), the decision seemed obvious.

    Joanna’s treatment took just a few minutes. For two days, she was stiff and sore – and grumpy. To her surprise, the next day she realized that her headache was gone and her neck moved more freely and without much distress. As time went by, she felt more comfortable: sleeping was easier and more restful, activities were more enjoyable, her life had simply changed for the better.

    Her husband observed that her eyes were no longer “tight” from the constant pain. Oddly, the “hump” at the base of her neck was softening, even disappearing. Some would think it’s silly, but Joanna is thrilled that she can look up and turn her head enough to read signs.

    After all these many years suffering with a painful neck, Joanna still has days where she is stiff and sore … but she notes these are further between and not excruciating like before. “Not being in constant pain has greatly improved EVERYTHING!”