What If Police Took Drunk Drivers To A Doctor Instead Of To Jail

Alcoholism is rampant in our society. And it’s no wonder since drinking alcohol is marketed as inseparably connected to celebrating and having fun. And people who are unable to “hold” their alcohol are considered to be alcoholics. Many people associate alcoholism with moral weakness. The fact is there’s something going on inside the body that doesn’t handle alcohol the same way the bodies of those considered “normal” drinkers do. In fact, The Yeast Syndrome can cause a person to become severely intoxicated on as little as one drink. Sometimes The Yeast Syndrome can cause a person to have an illegal blood alcohol level without having even one drink!

The Yeast Syndrome

Let’s look at the word “syndrome.” A syndrome is a set of signs and symptoms that can appear together. They characterize a condition. But seeing the pattern can be confusing. You do not have to have all the signs and symptoms, but a careful review of your history, detailed examination of your body, and certain tests can be helpful to begin to explain what’s going on. But wait. Who does that kind of review? Nobody sees or diagnoses the yeasts generating the poisons that are killing so many. At least, most mainstream medical doctors don’t. Integrative doctors can. I do.

Yeast thrives on sugars in the gut. The #1 ingredient in most processed foods is sugar. If it’s not #1, it’s on the list somewhere. Also, carbohydrates (starches) are converted to glucose. Bread, pasta, rice, cereal, donuts, cookies, cakes, pies, fast foods, sodas, just about everything most Americans consume contribute to the flourishing yeast in the gut. And people are suffering and dying as a result. Maybe you’ve even felt a little light-headed or even “drunk” after eating some of these things.

Alcoholic Or Suffering From The Yeast Syndrome

The Yeast Syndrome is rampant in our society too. It is often the cause of people being perceived as alcoholics and not be able to “hold” or handle their liquor. It is also responsible for a long list of other common conditions that people suffer with endlessly because most mainstream medical doctors don’t know anything about it. Everything from nail fungus to poor memory, constipation and Multiple Sclerosis can be signs and symptoms of The Yeast Syndrome.

What would happen if instead of locking people up for drunk driving, the system took these people to be examined by a doctor who could correctly determine if this person was suffering from an overgrowth of yeast? So many people would then be able to correctly address the patterns of problems they experience instead of having their drivers’ licenses taken away and having to live with the stigma of being an “alcoholic.”

Do You See A Pattern Of Syndromes In Your Life

Maybe you are aware of recurring patterns of not feeling so good that your doctor has been unable to pinpoint even though you keep going back or seeking another opinion. I would suggest it’s time to seek the opinion of an integrative doctor who looks at the whole bodily system instead of looking at pieces and parts. If you’re ready to get a true detailed understanding of what’s going on in your body, give our office a call. Health is your greatest wealth and helping you attain health is my greatest privilege.