What’s the Science Behind Regenerative Cells?

Your Rolls-Royce For Better Comfort

We use only Regenerative Cells that are the premier cellular product on the planet.  Building on hopeful experiences over the recent few years, this cell preparation involves rethinking and evolving science using cutting-edge technologies that set the standards in tissue preservation.

Umbilical cord blood is obtained from scheduled Caesarian deliveries (C-section), where the donors have been fully tested through comprehensive infectious disease panels that surpass federal and industry standards, ensuring a safe product.  The company prepares the harvested cells with their “special sauce” (which I call “pixie dust”), a proprietary process that leads the industry with high quality products.  These encompass a full range of benefits through the regenerative properties associated with the beneficial blend umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells, stimulating “cytokines,” and cell growth factors that ensure a rich microenvironment to foster tissue regeneration and cellular growth.  Who knows the limit to healing and repair?

An accelerated timetable of transport and processing from donor to finished product is a top priority in the company’s cutting-edge efforts to produce high cellular viability (live and looking for healing to do).  Each lot is validated to provide consistent results when injected into patients. In addition to fluid factors that stimulate healing, what very young cells are contained in each “dose” administered?  Mesenchymal (connective tissue) Stem Cells, Non-Hematopoietic (not blood-forming) Stem Cells, Human Umbilical Endothelial Cells (lining cells that support growth of the baby).  Some of these cell populations may promote soft tissue regeneration and bone growth activities.  These Regenerative Cells can be multiple times more effective than “similar” stem cell preparations.

The array of benefits related to this unique umbilical cord blood preparation is supported through the successful “transplantation” (injection) and coordination of multiple fluid and cell components.  A careful orchestration in the ratios of naturally-occurring stimulant cytokines, growth factors, exosomes (large specialized protein complexes), and stem cells make this product a great resource geared toward bone growth and tissue regeneration.  Immune system activation and modulation, regulation of inflammation processes, stimulation of wound healing and new blood vessel formation, and proliferation (multiplication) and differentiation into multiple cell types are just a few of the responses to the cytokines and growth factors found in the umbilical cord blood product.

The field of stem cell research has shared sometimes confusing terms to our language.  One of these is “allograft,” meaning the transplantation of cells (or tissues or organs) to a recipient from a genetically non-identical donor of the same species (that is, human).  Most human tissue and organ transplants are allografts; only occasionally are animal tissues used, such as in certain heart valves.  Our Regenerative Cells are “immune-privileged,” meaning that they enjoy a tolerance by your body, which does not mount an immune or inflammatory response that would impair their usefulness.  Do you hear the “siren call” promising a totally different experience?

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