When Food Stopped Being Real Food And How Real Food Can Heal

Food as nourishment has fallen by the wayside in the U.S. Today, food is largely a source of entertainment, emotional pablum, and filler. Our U.S.  “food system” has been corrupted in ways never foreseen a hundred years ago. We used to have farms and gardens. Now we have agri-business. We used to have only organic, wholesome crops. But then, experiments started in 1943 to improve yields of American hemp – Cannabis sativa – vital for the war effort. This research blossomed in the late 1940s into sudden and widespread application of fertilizers when ammonium nitrate, no longer needed for explosive weapons, mixed with phosphorus, and potassium (so-called fertilizers) were used to enhance various harvests rather than the long accepted use of various organic products…also abandoning the practice of rotating crops and letting fields lie fallow every few years. 

Loss Of Immunity Loss Of Health


When populations rely on the “foods of commerce,” consisting largely of overfertilized and nutrient stripped white flour products, sugar, polished rice, jams, canned goods and vegetable fats, the result is loss of their immunity and loss of freedom from degenerative processes. 

As of 2001, the Cooperative Extension of the University of California noted that over 1,000 food items came in cans – often with processing chemicals, preservatives, excessive sodium and sugar, and heating/packaging intended to preserve edibility for years. Not necessarily healthy nutritive value but satisfaction for the belly. Most kids today don’t know where food comes from. They think it comes in a can from the grocery store. Few children know that food is grown in the earth.


Since first learning of the disastrous effects of yeast overgrowth in 1983, I have gleaned a few fundamental understandings that have been uniformly effective in helping to restore and maintain better health for people suffering from varied discomforts and disorders. Even where The Yeast Syndrome is not the definitive problem, in many chronic conditions its imprints are often there.

Consuming what I refer to as “non-food” is the reason for the increasing prevalence of The Yeast Syndrome. So, my very first step in helping patients recover with The Yeast Syndrome is with a change in diet. I recommend my MEVY diet: Meats, Eggs, Vegetables, and Yogurt. Food choices, of course, ideally should be as “organic” and “fresh” as readily available and affordable. The emphasis is on wholesome nutrition and supporting a healthier gut microbiome (the friendly bacteria inside that help keep you healthier!).

While there are other treatments that I recommend to patients who come to me after years of suffering, food is first and foremost the most important aspect of helping the body return to health. If you were to think of food as medicine and select and consume the freshest most wholesome food available, you would be well on your way to helping your body feel better and function better. We tend to forget that we are what we eat. Overindulging in non-foods is disastrous in the long term. As a nation, we have been overindulging for close to a century and the ill effects are now too obvious to ignore. Our children don’t stand a chance if we continue on this course. I recently read an article stating that, “Many studies have shown heart disease starts young — with artery-clogging blockages starting sometimes as young as age 3. Ultrasound examinations of children as young as 10 have shown they can have arteries that are already as clogged as those in some middle-aged people.” https://www.nbcnews.com/health/kids-health/us-kids-diets-put-them-road-heart-disease-n325191


Start By Eating Your Way Back To Health

In the past 20 or more years, there has been a movement by small segments of the population away from commercially produced foodstuff. The trend toward organic, non-GMO, fresh versus processed is making headway. The focus on vegan and vegetarianism are also hopeful. Yet there are far too many people “hooked” on the sugary, fatty, commercially produced offerings that give rise to The Yeast Syndrome and its associated health issues. 

Are you ready to eat your way back to health? If you are ready to give up on the things you put in your mouth that are causing you to feel less alive, let’s talk. Give my office a call and let’s start by getting you on a fresh, delicious, and nutritious road back to feeling alive.