When You Sincerely Want To Feel Better And All Else Has Failed

You’ve been on the medical merry-go-round for years. Each doctor and specialist you visit tells you something else that gives you a momentary ray of hope that this time, you’re going to feel better if you do what they tell you to do. “Take this pill. Have this surgery. Come back and see me every week for the next 3 years.”

Yet, despite your efforts and your belief in the skills of the endless list of specialists you’ve seen, you still feel as bad, if not worse, than ever. I know how you feel. I bet you sometimes think that you just don’t want to go on living this way.


How Some People Finally Get Off The Medical Merry-Go-Round

I’ve been helping patients who’ve been on the same merry-go-round my entire career spanning more than 41 years. My patients typically find me when they’ve exhausted the mainstream medical circus. I mean circuit! They may meet someone who has become a patient of mine. After telling this person their sad story, my patient will tell their story that led them to me and to a life they thought they would never be able to enjoy again.

There are millions of people who suffer from conditions that mainstream medicine doesn’t look for. Yeast and deep blood fungus are two conditions that seem mysterious and which plague so many. There are also methods such as stem cell and chelation therapy that mainstream doctors are not familiar with. I am a pioneer of both.


There’s Always More Physical, Mental, Emotional And Financial Strength

 You may feel physically, mentally, emotionally and financially exhausted. But, if you can muster up your strength in all of those areas (and in these miraculous lives of ours there’s an endless supply) just a little longer and schedule a consultation with me, this time next year you could be singing a much happier, healthier tune.


How We Help Our Patients

The way we help our patients involves three key steps.

First, we find what is blocking your body’s attempts to heal itself…and remove them.

Second, we find what “raw materials” your body needs to heal and repair malfunctioning systems…and provide them.

And third, we find “the switch” needed to “turn on” rapid healing and repair…and turn them on.


Experience Drug-Free, Surgery Free Relief

We don’t give out prescriptions for the latest drugs being pushed through TV commercials that you ‘just know’ are going to help your condition. We don’t hold out false promises of a “quick fix” with the latest surgical technique.

Instead, through listening to you, reviewing your history and based on thousands of patients we’ve helped in similar situations, we discover the true source of the pain, illness, discomfort and/or disease and, as I mentioned above, we find your body’s healing switches, turn them on and bring you into a healing state. The healing may not be overnight, but you will feel better than you have in years as your body resolves years of pain and suffering.