Why Your Quest For Health Has Simply Become A Quest To Feel Better

Most Americans are no longer in a quest for ultimate health and wellness. Instead they are on a seemingly endless quest just to feel a little bit better. The modern medical industry has inadvertently contributed more to making Americans sicker than ever than they have to making them healthier than ever. In fact, according to statistics, “Despite having the most expensive health care system, the United States ranks last overall compared with six other industrialized countries on measures of quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and the ability to lead long, healthy and productive lives.” https://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/newsletter-article/us-ranks-last-among-seven-countries-health-system-performance#:~:text=Despite%20having%20the%20most%20expensive,ability%20to%20lead%20long%2C%20healthy%2C

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) explains two big reasons why.

  1. Our government requires insurers to include more and more treatments and services in our insurance policies. This encourages over-consumption of some procedures and means that we are paying to finance many treatments that we may not want, need, or use. State and federal mandates raise health insurance premiums by between 10 and 50 percent. (Council for Affordable Health Insurance)


  1. Hospitals and doctors fear costly medical malpractice suits so carry insurance and pursue unnecessary tests to minimize the potential for lawsuits. These push our overall health care spending higher and affect the insurance prices for all Americans. Analysts estimate that the medical malpractice increase health care costs by between 7.2 and 12.7 percent. (Heartland Institute and Pacific Research Institute) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6179808/

Therein lies the problem. So many people are on the medical merry-go-round and continue to feel worse and worse. By the time patients get so fed up and find me, they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and feel very often like they are at death’s door. They are actually just looking for a way to feel good enough to want to get out of bed each morning. My patients begin to feel better pretty quickly when they are no longer hypnotized into thinking they need the next surgery or pain pill.


Just one more quick fact to make you think about who you want to trust your health to. “Compared to peer nations, the U.S. has among the highest number of hospitalizations from preventable causes and the highest rate of avoidable deaths. (Italics mine.) This from the commonwealthfund.org website.


If you really want to feel better and get better, you absolutely must change the direction of the quest you have been following. Give my office a call. I have been helping my patients feel better and better outside of the modern medical merry-go-round for over 40 years. Your quest can lead to a much better feeling life.