You Only Get One Space Suit When You Arrive On Planet Earth

That’s right. If you think of your body as your space suit and consider that it has to last possibly as long as 10 decades, you want to feel good in it until you no longer need it. That means you have to take good care of it. However, millions upon millions of the inhabitants on this planet are walking around and barely functioning due to “degenerative diseases” caused by a variety of factors including poor eating habits, accidents and medications that actually interfere with natural healing.

The gift of life includes bodies that are miraculously self-healing and self-repairing. Doctors can help reposition broken bones, but they do not “heal the body.” The body heals itself. Unfortunately modern times have skewed our thinking and has caused a majority of earthly inhabitants to place greater faith in human doctors who call themselves “specialists” instead of on the rejuvenating capacity of the amazing human body.  People are all too ready to pop dozens of pills on a daily basis or undergo the latest surgery in hopes of magically and immediately feeling whole and healthy.

Decades of abuse are not going to disappear overnight. However, given the care of a doctor who works with the body and not “against” it, you can uncover the things that are culprits in keeping you feeling bad and recover a state of health in which you can once again feel happy to be alive.

As we come to the end of what can only be described as a challenging year in which the entire world has been stressed beyond belief as we earthlings try to dodge the COVID-19 virus, this is a perfect time to take your health into your hands and find a doctor who can help you return to feeling comfortable in your one and only “space suit.” If you’re ready to accept that mission, give us a call. We are ever at the ready to help our fellow travelers on this planet feel better than they have in years.