Your Chronic Suffering Could Be Due To Chronic Infection

Have you been suffering so long that you sometimes forget that you’re suffering? I mean, your suffering has gone on so long that it feels “normal.” If you know what I’m talking about, you’ve probably exhausted the medical merry-go-round of treatments trying to find out what’s wrong with no real conclusion.

I’ve treated so many patients who’ve arrived in my office feeling frustrated and desperate to get to the bottom of their suffering after years of searching. In most cases – not all, but most – the culprit turns out to be an undiagnosed chronic infection or chronic illness. Chronic infections do not have to be rapidly spreading in order to be classified as such. Nor do they even have to be in an active period of growth. Which is why they are overlooked by the mainstream medical industry.

Very often Candida albicans – yeast – is at the bottom of much chronic suffering today. Like so many chronic diseases, C. albicans is often caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits. I’m talking poor nutrition, smoking, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol use. When lifestyle problems happen, there are no drugs or surgery that can fix them. To promote life-long health and permanently fix your problems, you need nutritional medicine. You need a customized supplement (and prescription) program. There simply is no other path to find optimum health. You will find it through working with a doctor who knows how to balance your metabolism and replace nutritional deficiencies. I do not take a “one trick pony” approach to your well-being. Each person has individual needs and I provide customized and comprehensive treatments that have helped thousands who once thought their suffering was “normal.” When you are ready to find a new, better feeling, more vibrant “normal,” give my office a call and let’s get to the bottom of your suffering and turn it upside down!