Your Major Defense Against Disease Is What You Feed Your Body

Your major defense against disease is a healthy, functioning immune system. In other words, good health. The concept of good health appears to be something few people experience these days…at least in this country. That’s because good health is a by-product of consuming real food, not processed junk. And that is not something that is promoted by the “powers that be.” Not by the government health agencies, not by the mainstream medical industry or the food manufacturing industry.

Your immune system is the only barrier to reducing risks for suffering and death. Nutrition is the single greatest factor for your immune system. The truth is, as we have heard so many times, you are what you eat.

Essential minerals are lacking in “fast foods” and “ultra-processed foods,” often containing higher levels of grains that can impair mineral absorption. I don’t actually consider those things food. They do not nourish the body and they lack all of the essential nutrients and micronutrients that real food delivers. One such essential micronutrient is zinc. Zinc deficiency is prominent in diseases of aging and in illnesses associated with immune compromise.

I’m not suggesting that by including zinc in your diet that you will experience a complete turnaround in your health. That is absurd. I’m suggesting that nutrition is the single most important factor in good health and the lack of good nutrition is the single most contributor to human illness, diseases and untold suffering.

The human body is the most miraculous form in existence. It is self-repairing and self-healing even under the stress and strain that we put it under. But, eventually, even this miracle of life gives out under the extreme duress it is subjected to on a daily basis. If you’ve experienced pain and suffering which has not been “cured” or helped by your mainstream medical specialists and you are ready to give your precious body a real chance to restore some semblance of well-being, give my office a call. It’s time to re-engage your body’s natural healing process.