When Your Body Feels Like It Wants To Shut Down, It’s Time To Open Your Mind

I have treated hundreds and hundreds of patients over the past 44 years of my medical practice. My patients come to me all too often as a last resort after they have been through a lengthy parade of mainstream medical professionals. They come to me after surgeries have failed them and prescription after prescription has failed them.

Life is like that. Sometimes it takes a multitude of failures before someone finally opens their mind to someone who is “out of the box” and doesn’t follow the dictates of the mainstream medical industry. I often think of my patients like Thomas Edison…well, the ones who make it to my door… It took Edison more than 1,000 attempts to finally invent the lightbulb. No matter how many times they face failure, my patients finally turn to someone who doesn’t do things the way others do. Then for many of them, voila… almost like magic, the light shines bright! Like our patients, we’re persistent in looking for solutions to their suffering. When everything works as intended, success is at hand. Life is worth living again!

I have great respect for those intrepid souls who do finally come through my door ready to take an unconventional yet completely ethical, educated, and often proven approach to achieving a better state of health than that they were able to achieve by doing the same frustrating thing over and over and over again. The commitment to finding a way to regain a sense of wellbeing and health is a strong drive and I celebrate every single person who keeps on until, hopefully, they find their way out of the merry-go-round that just keeps them spinning.

If you want to find out how I’ve helped my patients return to health often because of the inability of mainstream doctors to diagnose The Yeast Syndrome, visit my website and watch my DVDs, listen to my CDs, and download your free copy to my 2018 book, Sick and Tired? The link is below.

My message to anyone who has been going round and round without desired improvement is to keep an open mind when conventional medical care hasn’t produced results you deserve. Give my office a call. Over dozens of years, I’ve studied intensely to learn then master many technologies that stimulate the natural healing that is your gift from God. While I’ve been honored for these efforts, the best reward is for you to feel better! We’ll work diligently to get to the bottom of your health issues, create a plan, and, when you stick with it like my patients do, you’ll very likely feel as excited as Thomas Edison did when he finally got that light bulb to shine.

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