I Call The Holiday Season The “Season of The Yeast Feast”

It’s on its way! The holiday season, the season of Bacchanalian feasting…even…over-feasting! The holiday cheer begins and ends with raising a glass of bubbly, wine, or other alcoholic concoction interwoven with rich, delicious treats that feed the overgrowth of yeast that has likely already established residence in your body. In fact, high stress, high sugars, and carbs, or high consumption of alcohol may lead quickly to overgrowth of yeast. When you consider that describes the Standard American Diet (SAD) just think about the level of celebration going on inside your body when all of those things are multiplied! The yeast truly is having a nonstop feast!

The after-effects are not so much fun. This overgrowth of yeast—known as The Yeast Syndrome—can cause or worsen a variety of conditions. One may experience skin issues or rashes, vaginal or rectal infections, irritability, mood swings, depression, digestive issues, exhaustion, or skin and nail infections. Unfortunately, most patients on the mainstream medical merry-go-round are treated to medications that often make the situations worse rather than better. Most often, The Yeast Syndrome can be corrected without prescription pain pills and surgeries. But, and here’s the big caveat, your diet must change. You must stop feeding the yeast an endless buffet of sugar and stress!

I know it doesn’t sound like holiday fun. But how does it sound if you were to feel better than you’ve felt in years? My patients tell me that feeling more alive than they’ve felt in decades far exceeds the sacrifices they make. Interestingly, some patients find it easy to slip back into old patterns and “get sick again” with The Yeast Syndrome. Happily, they have learned how to correct their situation and recover better health much more easily.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make the holiday season your season of healing from the inside out? You know who you are. You have suffered endlessly without understanding why. Give yourself the gift of better health this holiday season. You can start by reading my bestselling Bantam book, The Yeast Syndrome. You might even start with a quicker read, my 2017 book, Sick and Tired?, available as a free download on my website,
www.healthCHOICESnow.com. (Because if you don’t know you have choices now, then you don’t have any!) Or just give my office a call and let’s find out the true source of your chronic pain and suffering. We have dozens of CDs and DVDs, brochures and books, to make your learning easier. Let’s make this holiday season one that will define what’s truly worth celebrating. Our clinic is…Life Celebrating Health… Let’s celebrate health!